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Paper Goods: Tam+Sam

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed but with the popularity of the internet/email,  like everyone else I’ve opted to put down the pen & paper and type my thoughts away. But sometimes you just want to go back to the basics and indulge conventionally! One of my favorite blogger duo’s Tam + Sam have a really cute line of paper goods ByNous, that feature simple but original designs like their mascot Little Miss X(who by the way I am in ❤ with). Why not send a thank-you letter or drop a note to that friend you’ve lost touch with via snail mail on some snazzy stationary! I’m motivated to try and re-incorporate this past-time back into my routine & hope that you are too. Please visit Tam + Sam blog to be visually stimulated daily & don’t forget to check out their ByNous Etsy shop to purchase their line of paper goods!

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Inspiration: Photographer BJ Pascual

(photos via BJ Pascual)

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Photo of the Week

I’m digging Jeneen’s blog, she puts her outfits together so effortlessly it seems…I love every fit I’ve seen thus far! Check it out & have a wonderful weekend…Thanks for hanging in there w/me I know things have been slow :)!

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Japanese Fashion Week/NYFW

Browsing my computer I realized that I neglected to post these pics. from Japanese Fashion Week which I attended during NYFW. The the one thing I love about  Japanese fashion, designers create without inhibition. They are not limited by trends or even consumers, although I think Japanese society are also more open to trying new things which is a plus.

The show was held in a sprawling loft in Soho, I can remember the place was packed to capacity. 8 designers showcased their collections, rotating the standing models in groups of  3 with new looks periodically. Although I was not a fan of every collection there were a few that stood out. I enjoyed Mikio Sakabe’s interpretation of the popular turban trend, mounds of roped fabric & chains. There was an obvious influence of heavy metal throughout the unisex line, oversized ripped band sweaters. Naoshi Sawayanagi’s line was all about texture. Two toned beige & white tights were paired with short dresses/tops  made from fur and a really interesting metallic bubble texture that looked futuristic. Apt form a menswear line by Michael Gikins was a favorite as well. Interestingly this is Gikins first entry into the american market and womenswear boutique Blake based in chicago will sell his collection to their female clientele. Gaskins says that his line is unisex, a concept that I believe is becoming more and more popular in fashion. Overall the Japanese designers delivered cutting-edge fashion that was wearable & functional.

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Stella Nova Copenhagen S/S 10

So lately I’ve kinda been in the dumps where do I start, okay I won’t I’ll save you the drama! There are certain things that can assist in dissipating my funky moods & on this day Stella Nova is doing it! I’ll admit I do have an infatuation with Scandinavian brands/designers, their aesthetic is pretty minimal but always pushing the envelope. As I scrolled through the  lookbook, I found myself getting frustrated trying to narrow down which looks I would post on the blog(I WANT THEM ALL SERIOUSLY).  Accessorizing with jewelry is something that I would prefer not to even tackle on a daily basis, I would love to master putting chic looks together like these that work just fine without any accessories. I tweeted yesterday about a recent shoot fellow blogger Lala Lopez did & made the comment “everything worked” in the shoot, the model,the photog,the mua & of course the stylist. Stella Nova’s S/S10 look book is a pleasant reiteration of that tweet. Only two shoe options were used for the 4o looks & both would equally compliment all. One of the things that drew me into the line most is the comfortable factor, draping silhouettes that are breathable & uber feminine. I’m trying to get into this look more for spring & summer, straying away from more form-fitting pieces and learning to work my assets with diversity. Stella Nova’s S/S 10 look book is a wonderful how-to on putting together all of spring & summers hot trends without looking trendy but chic!

P.S. I know after saying all of that I still seemed to O.D. with the pics. but be sure to visit Stella Nova’s site to view the rest because this is only a snippet :)!

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Chat With Vidya Narine from Le New Black

My initial introduction to Le New Black was via a podcast interview Fashion BS conducted. Intrigued by the idea of an online fashion trade show, I contacted founder Vidya Narine to find out more about the new venture.

NN: Explain what Le New Black is, how it works & why you felt there was a need for such an event?

VN: Le New Black is the first online fashion trade show. It allows registered brands to show and sell their collection an entire season online from the first day until their deadline of production, and to registered buyers to view and order collections online anytime from anywhere during the season. I used to organise RENDEZ-VOUS trade shows (Paris, NYC), the last 5 years, and could see the incredibly difficult organisation of the international calendar for brands and buyers. Trade shows and showrooms are everywhere on the planet, new markets and fashion weeks are emerging, new trade shows and showrooms pop up every season : it is very difficult for a brand to choose the right cities and event to show its collection, and for a buyer to choose which city, trade shows and showrooms they want to visit. It s very stressful and frustrating, and the sales calendar costs a lot of mony (travel, hotels, shipings etc.). I started thinking about this idea of an online trade show 2 years ago, I didn’t know how to do it but felt something was right about it. The idea was to connect the best brands with the best buyers, and for brands to extend the length and location of their sales.

NN: How important do you feel it is for designers to embrace the new wave of online media outlets?

VN: I think it s crucial for a brand today to find its way on the Internet. Some brands are going to create blogs, or wholesale showrooms or retail stores on their own website. Luxury brands (Dolce & Gabbana, Viktor & Rolf) now offer the occasion to see the catwalk in streamline, real-time, retail stores are popping up everyday. If even the luxury market starts thinking about it, it definitely means something! Also, everyone is on facebook or twitter today, which means that new strategies of communication are emerging from this new survey. Same thing for the press, the way journalists work is totally different today than what it was 5 years ago (blogs, social networks, online magazine). Concurrence and strategies are definitely changing.

NN: What makes Le New Black appealing to designers?

VN: The offer of Le New Black is –until today- unique. By registering with the first online fashion fair a designer will get a qualitative network of buyers (every buyer has to register, and is validated -or not- by us, depending on its positioning), his own wholesale showroom online with his own back office to create his collections and manage his sales, his own link www.lenewblack.com/nameofthebrand to send to all his buyers and prospects to promote his collection, a guarantee of confidentiality (buyers have to be validated to access the showrooms, and brands can see only their own showroom). Also, we send a newsletter once a week to all our network of buyers, to inform them of the new brands they can find online.

NN: One important benefit of trade shows is the opportunity for prospective buyers to experience individual brands in real-time by being able to touch & feel the various qualities of clothing,accessories etc. Has this become a deterrent to buyers in any way, being based online?

VN: Since we launched Le New Black last June for SS10 collections, buyers had different ways of using Le New Black : they ordered collections from brands they never met but felt closed to, in terms of artistic direction and range of price, they ordered online collections from brands they ordered from before when they had to skip traveling, and also they confirmed their quantities online after the trade shows. We have one season behind us but I can say I was very surprised by the reactions of the buyers : they passed orders online quicker than what I expected. They passed orders from brands they never touched before but for most of the orders passed online, they knew each other from before. They still view and touch the collections at trade shows or showrooms, but use Le New Black before meeting the brands to prepare their selections, or after the trade shows to confirm quantities. But I think the work of a buyer is changing, they inform themselves through the internet, know brands from others stores etc, so sometimes when they can’t travel but they trust the brand they order online. Who could have imagined 10 years ago that people would buy Alexander Mc Queen dresses online on Net-à-porter? Also, Le New Black allows you to see all the details of a garment by zooming and all the details about the materials and production.

NN: What major differences do you see in the world of fashion in the US vs. abroad?

VN: From what I saw, the american market is FULL of interesting stores. 30% of the visitors of Le New Black are american ! Great stores register every day (retail online, department stores, multi-labels). And the fashion scene is full of talented designers and very inspiring and dynamic (Alexander Wang of course, but also Pamela Love, Slow and Steady Wins the Race, United Bamboo etc.). The CFDA seems to do an  amazing job connecting all of these designers with press and commercial realities. I felt a great energy from this fashion scene, and at the same time, the same weariness from brands and buyers who run from one show to another than what I felt everywhere in the world (europe, asia, middle east). The whole fashion industry needs alternative. The american buyers and brands are very open to Le New Black, and I am not surprised : internet came from you, and it s very natural, even with the retail online.

NN: What are a few tips you would give to new designers interested in showing their collections on Le New Black?

VN: To show your collection on Le New Black, let’s enter in contact. We need to know more about the collection and the distribution. If the creativity, quality of production, and network of buyers fits our selection, we will be pleased to welcome new brands. It is good to already have a good network of buyers before going online. Once the designer has created his collection on Le New Black, he can send his link www.lenewblack.com/nameofthebrand to all his prospects and clients from them to preview the collection, and give it to every buyer he meets to promote his collection. The more you work with le New Black, the more you sell!

Visit Le New Black for more info. & to stay abreast on the new happenings via their blog!

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Salute To The Brown Bloggers

I totally procrastinated on this post, but better late than never right. My intention was to post this during African-American history month, but of course I’m one day shy! Hey everyday should be a day to recognize & celebrate who we are, where we’ve come from & where we are goin! There are many bloggers out there that I admire & learn from, but I just wanted to show a few of my favs some love. A salute to my fellow brown bloggers that continue to stay ahead of the curve in their content, aesthetic & incomparable unique talent!

Who: Street Etiquette created by Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs aka Josh & Trav

Why You Should Be Reading: Hailing from the Bronx, New York these two young men will stimulate your visual & intellectual senses in more ways than one. A mixture of style photos, commentary on the history & details of brands/garments, & collaborations that are sure to have them on the next COVER of GQ Magazine. Their recent editorial short  Sewn From the Soul, which pays homage to the dapper men that came  before them continues to confirm their well-rounded growth as young men!

Who: Your Private Shopper created by Kristina Gisors

Why You Should Be Reading: Based in the wonderful city of Paris, fashion stylist Kristina Gisors lets us hitch a virtual ride on adventure that is her life. Delving into a mass of ongoing projects along with chronicling what seem like her daily visits to showrooms &  fashion shows, this ambitious young lady will keep you well-informed on the next budding it designer or trend. And of course she doesn’t leave out the fabulous excursions with friends that are just as driven & hardworking as she is. Forbes recently named her one of the most fashionable women on the net.

Who: Jazzi McG created by Jazzi McGilbert

Why You Should Be Reading: As a former intern for countless fashion publications, Jazzi gives an insight into the world of fashion from hands on experience & relationships she has built along the way. Emphasizing that it doesn’t take a trust fund to achieve success in the fashion industry, Jazzi’s modest journey via her blog helps to dispel this tale. Her DIY tutorial for the DVF Gallinet Nomad Hat has become a fav among fashionistas on the net!

Who: Adore Daily created by Jessie Adore

Why You Should Be Reading: Singer,designer,stylist are just a few talents from the beautiful Harlem based blogger Jessie Adore. Her style photos will motivate your creative juices,  while her sultry vocals will have you anticipating the drop of her next single. Decorating is one her passions & your able to see  her ideas come to fruition as she constantly revamps her beautiful apartment. Hinting at launching an online vintage boutique  &  posting snippets of garments that she makes, my curiosity is growing more than ever now!

Who: Gold Coast Trading created by Emeka Alams

Why You Should Be Reading: The closest you’ll get to Africa without physically going there sums up Gold Coast Trading. Emeka has gradually created an online metropolis that gives you an up to date & progressive look into the rich continent. One day you’ll read about skate parks in Uganda & the next the new tune from popular Nigerian artist Afrikan Boy!


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Bloggers Day of Action for Haiti

Today is an amazing day in the blogosphere! Despite the massive turmoil Haiti is currently enduring, we the rest of humanity are required to assist & lift the people of Haiti up during this time. The wonderful & talented Jeanine of Aphrochic has spearheaded a movement for bloggers. Today I am a part of 14 other bloggers that have made the choice to dedicate this day to raise awareness & educate our readers about the resilient country of Haiti.

I struggled with how I wanted to present this post, and whether I wanted to give my readers a true depiction of Haiti or mask the truth & prioritize peoples feelings or reactions. Then I remembered the truth is the only way that you can be liberated PERIOD. We live our lives day-to-day selfishly not thinking an ounce of how our brothers & sisters around the world live. Haiti has an amazingly rich history, being the first post-colonial independent black nation due to a triumphant revolt of slaves. That fact alone helps you to understand the depth & strength of the Haitian people.

Knowledge is power, &  in turn power evokes human consciousness. As I was looking for a few pictures that would accurately show the day-to-day lives of most Haitians I came across Jan Sochor’s site. Jan did a wonderful audio photo essay of Haiti entitled hunger & rage. You can view the slide show below by clicking on the link, be sure to click on the caption button to learn more in-depth facts about Haiti.


Know that you are empowered with knowledge, its time for ACTION! There are many organizations & groups that you can give to, but I would like to introduce you to a org I will be donating to. Wine to Water is a org I found out about while covering an event for She Breathes. I was able to meet founder Doc Hendley & his wife and had an extensive conversation with him about the work he is doing. Wine to water provides clean water to people all over the globe. Doc a bartender, had the desire & started a non-profit. Simple as that, now he has provided clean water to people in India,Ethiopia, Sudan & many other countries. If you’re interested in donating towards their efforts in Haiti, visit their site & click on HAITI EMERGENCY FUND banner! Also be sure to visit Aphrochic’s blog to see all the other bloggers that are participating in this great effort for Haiti!

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Photo of the Week

(found via Chanelva Maclean)

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