Oliver Goldsmith Vintage

Lately I’ve really been into glasses/shades, I love every piece of eyewear Karen Walker makes. But I think Oliver Goldsmith Vintage frames have won me over. Hailing from England, the Goldsmith family/company have been in business since 1926 & are the pioneers of merging fashion & eyewear. Initially limited to materials like tortoise-shell(which I love) and bulky metal, the company gradually evolved offering handmade specs in various styles for fashion notables like Dior & Givenchy. Goldsmith Vintage frames are a testament to the ever popular saying, theres nothing new under the sun. I’m sure many of the recent “eyewear” designers can take a note or two. Amazingly you can still browse their vintage archive & have a pair custom made. Here are a few of my favs!

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I realized today that I’ve neglected the SPOTLIGHT feature. Decided to re-up with one of my fav blogs these days, Tam + Sam. Based in Canada, the first thing that drew me in was the simple design aesthetic. The classic logo style, the attention to detail, its refreshing everyday! The blogosphere is becoming extremely difficult to locate well-rounded,non-redundant, information. So when I find this comfort in a blog/site I feel its my duty to pass it along, share the wealth. Fashion, music, art, events any art/design lovers haven. So take a moment and visit Tam + Sam, I’ll warn you now content is highly addictive!

SPOTLIGHT: Say My Name Blog

I cannot for the life of me remember how I came across this website, but so glad I did…Say My Name is a global documentary film created by Mamames, a creative productiton company based in Amsterdam…Follow women from Angola to Rotterdam sharing their stories of trials and triumph pursuing their dreams…The objective of these series of film and photo exhibits are to empower and enlighten women around the world…I was excited to see Ntjamrosie(pictured above)one of my fav dutch artists featured in the Rotterdam photo exhibit…I did a short feature on her a while back here…You can view more photos and trailers of the films at www.saymyname.org.

SPOTLIGHT: She Breathes


If your not on, allow me to put you on to Ms. Shoo’s fabulous blog She Breathes! I check this blog more than a few times daily…Every time I visit its like a breath of fresh clean air…I’m amazed at how she continues to produce fresh,global,well-rounded content…Nothing worse than visiting a blog to see the same stuff you’ve just read like 80 times elsewhere on the web(I see alot of that lately, boring)…Take a look and while your there don’t forget to enter the IPhone 3G contest, never know you just may win!

SPOTLIGHT: I Don’t Like Mondays


A few weeks back, I got an e-mail about new online store launch- I Don’t Like Mondays…Started in a loft in NYC by Colin Talbot and Dean Rodgers and later joined by Rila Fukushima , I Don’t Like Mondays carries an eclectic blend of emerging indie designers from around the world. You can find favs like Brian Lichtenberg, Deer Dana and Ground Zero to name a few. I’m coveting The Courtney dress in tan by Anzevino and Florence! Now that you’ve got the 411 show some love and enter “IDLMXNUVANY” at checkout for 10% off your order!

SPOTLIGHT Q & A: Jack Threads


NN: Can you break down for us exactly what Jack Threads is and how it works?

JT:JackThreads is an online streetfashion community offering brand name sneakers, apparel, and accessories from well known and respected companies in the streetfashion industry. We operate in 24 hour invite only sales where we feature one brand. Prices are for our members only, so that’s where the advantage lies!

NN: When did the site launch and a who are the founder/s?

JT:Site launched in July of 2008, but it’s been in the works for over 2 years. The founder is a mid twenties male from Columbus, Oh. The team however is what made this all possible, and we’re an eclectic group of 18 to 35 year olds from Central Ohio.

NN: In the sea of streetwear brands that exist today, how do you determine what brands to carry at Jack Threads?

JT: We seek out the most sought after streetwear brands for JackThreads. These brands are found by our team through staying in touch with our customers, staying up with streetwear publications, pop culture, tradeshows, etc. We’ve got some great partners on board, and are truly excited at the opportunity!

NN: Womens streetwear is on the rise, I didn’t see anything for women on the site do you plan to add stuff for the ladies? If so can you drop a few names?

JT: Women’s streetfashion is on the rise, and we’ve got something for the ladies in the works! It’s a whole new concept which we’ll be in touch about shortly. Stay tuned!

NN: Any upcoming changes or news that customers can expect to see at Jack Threads?

JT: See question four. Also we’ve got a lot of new brands we’ll be launching on the site soon, new sales formats, etc. We don’t want to give anything away ahead of time, so again stay tuned to the site for updates!

SPOTLIGHT: Hello Again Vintage


I’m so excited that the owners of Hello Again Vintage decided to open up shop in my neighbor-HOOD, the Heights(no not like the Broadway show)in jersey city! People sleep on the heights, their are a massive amount of stylish and conscious folks here and more invaders are coming daily!…Gale and Grace co-owners are def. starting a revolution with their new vintage hot spot…I remember going to the grand opening about 3 months ago, I was blown away by the decor gold plated vintage ceilings, a dope retro bike in the window and all of the other nostalgic details. You definitely feel like you’ve taken a step back in time…I try and stop by at least once a week and I almost never walk out without making a purchase, every item is simply irresistible. So if your ever in the area Hello Again Vintage is a MUST, you so won’t be disappointed. And be sure to thank the ladies for setting off the movement that’s about to explode in the heights!

120A Bowers St.
(Between Central Ave. & Cambridge St.)
Jersey City, NJ 07307

Monday 11am-7pm
Tuesday to Friday Closed
Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm
* and some late nights or by appointment



I’m forever adding a new section/feature to the site right, ha ha…I just have a spazzmatic brain with an abundance of ideas, so why not share! Well we don’t have to officially classify this as a new feature, it’ll just happen when I feel its right…Like today, I haven’t checked Ms. Nina’s site in a while and was reminded of how dope she is as I re-landed on it today…She’s super-woman/mom, always nurturing, and balanced…Two things I’m working on in my own personal life, sometimes folks think that because your life is a certain way that you automatically adapt and do the things needed…But i’ve found or at least in my life, some things aren’t natural and you have to make the CHOICE to learn them. I’m always encouraged and motivated when I read her blog entries, shes a strong lady and such a GREAT MOM and WOMAN…Its crazy because I truly used to think that I could not do me and be a mom/wife at the same time…But as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned how detrimental it is to not have that IMPORTANT BALANCE…It can be difficult at first but its possible, and that’s what I’ve learned from Nina…Her life isn’t peaches and creams but she seems to always stay positive and consistent which is vital as a MOM/INDIVIDUAL…Anyhoo nuff sobby sobby, check out her blog…She sews too hence the name “NEO SEW MAMA” and shes always got great recipes!