Japanese Fashion Week/NYFW

Browsing my computer I realized that I neglected to post these pics. from Japanese Fashion Week which I attended during NYFW. The the one thing I love about  Japanese fashion, designers create without inhibition. They are not limited by trends or even consumers, although I think Japanese society are also more open to trying new things which is a plus.

The show was held in a sprawling loft in Soho, I can remember the place was packed to capacity. 8 designers showcased their collections, rotating the standing models in groups of  3 with new looks periodically. Although I was not a fan of every collection there were a few that stood out. I enjoyed Mikio Sakabe’s interpretation of the popular turban trend, mounds of roped fabric & chains. There was an obvious influence of heavy metal throughout the unisex line, oversized ripped band sweaters. Naoshi Sawayanagi’s line was all about texture. Two toned beige & white tights were paired with short dresses/tops  made from fur and a really interesting metallic bubble texture that looked futuristic. Apt form a menswear line by Michael Gikins was a favorite as well. Interestingly this is Gikins first entry into the american market and womenswear boutique Blake based in chicago will sell his collection to their female clientele. Gaskins says that his line is unisex, a concept that I believe is becoming more and more popular in fashion. Overall the Japanese designers delivered cutting-edge fashion that was wearable & functional.

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2 Responses to “Japanese Fashion Week/NYFW”

  1. Anneke Says:

    Agree with “I enjoyed Mikio Sakabe’s interpretation of the popular turban trend, mounds of roped fabric & chains”

  2. y3y3n.s Says:

    I love what you do and I linked you on my blog. I was wondering of you could link me on yours. Thanks.

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