Paper Goods: Tam+Sam

Writing is something I’ve always enjoyed but with the popularity of the internet/email,  like everyone else I’ve opted to put down the pen & paper and type my thoughts away. But sometimes you just want to go back to the basics and indulge conventionally! One of my favorite blogger duo’s Tam + Sam have a really cute line of paper goods ByNous, that feature simple but original designs like their mascot Little Miss X(who by the way I am in ❤ with). Why not send a thank-you letter or drop a note to that friend you’ve lost touch with via snail mail on some snazzy stationary! I’m motivated to try and re-incorporate this past-time back into my routine & hope that you are too. Please visit Tam + Sam blog to be visually stimulated daily & don’t forget to check out their ByNous Etsy shop to purchase their line of paper goods!

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