New Items at Spazzmatica Vintage!

Vintage Geoffrey Beene for Chesa Denim Skirt

Vintage Tweed Cape

Vintage Mayan Blazer

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{Fashion.} Spazzmatica Vintage Is Back!!!


Summer sale every item has been marked down, CLICK HERE TO SHOP!


New stuff at SPAZZMATICA VINTAGE, be sure to check back…lots of new clothing and accessories added shortly! CLICK HERE TO VISIT SPAZZMATICA VINTAGE

New Stuff @ Spazzmatica Vintage!!!

Finally added some new things to Spazzmatica Vintage! Will be adding more stuff throughout the week. Also you can follow Nuvany Ni’ce on TWITTER and also become a fan on FACEBOOK. Thanks for the continued support!

New Stuff @ Spazzmatica Vintage!!!

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Slowly but surely adding things to the new shop, please click on the items above to browse Spazzmatica Vintage:)!

New Stuff @ Spazzmatica Vintage!!!

TRANSITION: Spazzmatica Vintage

Hey to all my loyal readers, followers, lurkers you know who you are :)! Wow this blog has been such a wonderful medium for me to express all the things that I love and am passionate about whether it be fashion or food :)…I know things are a bit confusing especially to newcomers, thus the transition…So I will be deleting and transferring all of my vintage stuff to my new Etsy shop SPAZZMATICA VINTAGE…This will make things way more simple and less confusing to everyone…Along with the new place to house my vintage finds, a new blog layout is coming…I sooo promise, I know I say this about once or twice a year…But its really coming into fruition this time…Its time to upgrade and take Nuvany Ni’ce to the next level so thanks for staying along for the ride this long, God knows I appreciate it! Stay tuned and check SPAZZMATICA VINTAGE for all my funky one of a kind finds! Luv everyone for the continuous support!!!