Arabella Ramsay: S/S 11 This Side of the Blue

Arabella, Arabella, I am singing you praises LOUD lol! Melbourne based designer Arabella Ramsay’s line has me giddy like a child in a candy store, or in my case it would have been a thrift/vintage store ;). Think The Sound of Music, Little House on the Praire, Woodstock & a hint of  1940’s all eclectically bundled into one and you’ll envision Ramsay’s S/S 11 collection entitled This Side of the Blue.  With a vintage and lady-like aesthetic combined, Ramsays upbringing in rural Victoria Australia clearly influence the organic details & construction visible throughout the line. Various hand embroidered styles & the use of original textiles like heavy silks, metallic leather & slouchy denim are just a few of the unique characteristics that describe the timeless vibe of the line. Ramsays collection is a testament to the power of vintage garments, longlasting, durable & the continued ability to be reworked into today’s fashion unknowingly! Please visit here to view the complete S/S 11 collection & more.

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She’s My Mentor (In My Head): Kelly Cutrone

Kelly w/her assistant Andrew Mukamal

About two weeks ago I experienced one of the most memorable & exciting days of my life,  I finally got  the chance to meet a woman who I greatly admire face to face! My partner in grind Aly from Le Modern Girl & I headed up to Bryant Park’s Reading Room to catch a discussion/q&a with  Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution. It was a very intimate setting outside in the park with about 100 ppl in attendance not counting all of the onlookers.

First let me say if you have not read Kelly’s book “If You Have To Cry Go Outside”, please do yourself the favor and read it ASAP! I finished the book in 2 days & would have finished it in one if I didn’t have little distractions here & there, I really did not want to put the book down! I think people watch the City & because of the way they edit the show for the most part, derive that Kelly is constantly more harsh & cut-throat than she is in real life. I mean granted she doesn’t play games & she is very straight forward, after listening to her speak  I learned that she is an extremely selfless & compassionate human being. She answered the audiences questions thoroughly about how she balances her career & personal life-she doesn’t to how you should go on interviews looking like you are apart of the brand. Very practical information that everyone is not knowledgeable of, but that all woman should know.

Meeting Kelly Cutrone at the Bryant Park Reading Room

After the discussion ended, she stayed behind to sign copies of her book & graciously took the time to chat with each person. My friend & I stood in line for about an hour I believe, but it was so worth it(she let us cut the line too ;)). I couldn’t believe how giving she was with her time & knowledge, she really talked without rushing to every person that stood in that line to have their book signed. I took away a lot that day from her discussion & from the brief chat we had, I felt more empowered as a mother & a woman!

Afterwards in Bryant Park Library wearing a floral patchwork Vintage dress from Calico Vintage

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