J.Crew: Glimpses From Guatemala

Chic simplicity oozes from this recent J.crew campaign shot on location in La Antigua, Guatemala. I’ve always had an immense love affair w/several central & south american countries like peru & Guatemala that traditionally don an assortment of beautiful bright colors.  Although there is not an abundance of native garb used in this shoot, the small infusions here & there suffice and compliment the breathtaking scenery. I’m really enjoying this mash-up trend, mixing all kinds of unexpected fabrics & prints. All three of these looks can easily be duplicated for someone on a budget like myself, the ideas are already churning in my head on how I’m going to attempt to re-interpret a few. J.crew has appropriately upped the ante with their creative direction, I always look forward to visiting their site to see what they will unveil next!

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