The Sartorialist & Garance Dore


Sitting in the tree, i’m just kidding! I almost broke my neck when I spotted Scott Schuman famed photog and street style blogger(The Sartorialist) outside the Ohne Titel show. I’m not a pro in heels, and that day I decided to wear stockings with a pair of open toe heels not aware that my feet would began to slide when I walked. I tried to compose myself as best I could so that I could try and catch a flick of him. The first photo was a quick snap of my camera button resulting in a bit of a blur. But then as I turned around to walk away, guess who’s standing so gracefully in front of me. YES, you guessed correctly his fiance also famed photog and illustrator for Vogue Garance Dore. She was so pleasant and saw me struggling to get her photo, so she simply posed for me.  So kind of her, and then they were standing together and I really got excited and started snapping away. I was going to edit the pics., but then thought to myself I should show you all how I captured the pics. originally trash can and all. I’m no Sartorialist, or photog at that.  Just an adimirer in the right place at the right time. They are a lovely couple, and compliment each other well!