The Big Tent: Anna Sui Fall 10

NYFW is a colossal event & this fact is even more evident when you’re able to experience a show at Bryant Park in THE BIG TENT. Bryant Park is made up of 3 tents that vary in size i.e. the salon, promenade &  THE BIG TENT– obviously humongous. My first introduction to THE BIG TENT, was last year when I attended the Ports 1961 show for She Breathes. Imagine a massive space with a sea of people all there with a common goal to see a fashion show in real-time. This year I tagged along with a few new friends and gained unexpected entry to the Anna Sui show in THE BIG TENT! I can’t explain the feeling that overcomes you  when you walk over the threshold into what seems equivalent to an NBA game at MSG(okay I’m exaggeratinga bit, but its HUGE :)). This post is my ode to Bryant Park, now that NYFW shows will be held at Lincoln Center I wonder if they will be able to recreate THE BIG TENT experience. Anna Sui delivered a collection that felt like deja vu, then I remembered why the sense of familiarity was so strong. It was an upgraded version of the capsule collection she did for target with lush furs, textured leather & sparkly sequins amongst the usual mash-up of bohemian prints. Here are a few of my favs taken from the standing room section which in my opinion is sometimes better than sitting unless your in the first or second row :). I’m glad that I was able to be a part of  New York Fashion Week history!

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NYFW Is Ova Kids!

Yesss henny NYFW is finally OVA, fun times but I am exhausted! Last night I covered my last round of shows for She Breathes & was invited to another show by a friend that I did not plan on attending, but that’s how fashion week goes SPONTANEITY. I’ll be doing a brief re-cap of some shows I attended here on Nuvany Nice next week & you can always visit She Breathes to see some of my coverage as well. This year I really reflected on how far I’ve come with this blog & my personal progress in regards to my career path. When I started this blog my intention was to sell  all of the excess clothing & accessories I would buy & never use but gradually it has evolved into so much more. I’m very critical of myself and at times don’t acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. Those that have been with me from the beginning will attest to my growth :). I’m saying all of this to say, that if you have a desire or passion stick with it, work hard to pursue it by any means(legally :)) , immerse yourself in/around it, above all DON’T GIVE UP and believe in yourself. These words may sound cliché, but we use them repetitively because they prove themselves! Ok enough sappy, sappy ha ha! I didn’t go hard with the street style photos this time around but here’s a small snippet of what I saw this year, ENJOY! Oh & thank all of you for your wonderful comments,emails,visits it’s definitely a part of what keeps me going :).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Amy Martino Giveaway Winners & NYFW What I Wore

Helllllllo, I’m so sorry for being MIA but fashion week is underway & I have been on the go-go-go! First off let me start by announcing the two winners of the Amy Martino Giveaway drum roll pleassssssse: Estasha Goodwin & Yah! Please check your email & thanks to everyone who entered. There will be more giveaways soon :)!

Ok so back to NYFW, I’ve been covering a few shows again this season on behalf of She Breathes & let me tell you I’m having a ball! You can check my coverage of the shows over at She Breathes & I’ll also be posting some NYFW happenings here at Nuvany Nice as well. I thought I would give you a peek at what I’ve worn so far, my obsession with faux glasses lingers on :).  As you all probably know I adore brazilian model Thiago Santos, well I had the pleasure of attending the Buckler show where he modeled & will be posting a review here soon! Lets see I’ll be attending the IFB conference today so check back for a recap of that too! So much to do so little time, these are the days I wish I drank coffee for an ongoing adrenaline boost. Are you attending any shows, let me know who your favorites have been thus far! I’m off to a show this morning so I have to run & get ready but I’ll be posting more from NYFW soon, thanks for hanging in there with me!

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Shaun Ross & Crew


Love, love, love model Shaun Ross! I was delighted to get a flick of him while walking down 6th ave. It was an interesting meeting, his body guard was a little apprehensive to let me take a photo. I had to repeatedly ask him to move aside so that I could snap the stylish threesome. After a bit of coercion he finally obliged to my delight. It’s so interesting to see the many ways people style all black fits during NYFW. These young men are no exception, the mesh shades all literally killing me softly!