Stylist Mia Morgan

It’s such a beautiful day today here in jersey/nyc, the sun is shining & the temperature is just right. I have to be honest, lately I’ve been bored & uninspired thus the lack of posts. I realized that I’ve gotten into a routine of just publishing new posts just to keep my daily ritual going. If I’m bored with the blog, I can only imagine how you as my readers are feeling and I do apologize for the neglect & carelessness. Now that is not to say that I won’t post something new¬† if I’m feeling it, but I think It should be more organic & not forced. I’m optimistic things will change, sometimes you just get in a rut & then that small bit of inspiration comes to lift you up & remind you why you do what you do. No worries, I’m not planning to do away with blogging all together just yet but I will seek out new avenues of inspiration. Sometimes we need to switch it up & not keep ourselves pigeonholed!

Before receiving this video I was not too familiar with stylist Mia Morgan, but after reviewing the video & her work I’m a fan. An incessant stickler for presentation, I found this video to be a wonderful introduction to the world of styling from Mia’s perspective. Sometimes people in fashion especially those that are more accomplished can just be plain EXTRA, but Mia’s poise & humility exudes throughout the entire interview. I have an infinite amount of respect and admiration for real stylists(everyone & their mother claim to be stylists these days), I think you innately have the gift or you don’t! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did & have a wonderful weekend! Visit Mia’s site to view her complete port

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