On Set: Free Peoples Rebellion Lookbook Shoot

For some time now, I’ve been nagging my good friend & photographer Kwesi Abbensettes to let me tag along on one of his many photo shoots. Finally last weekend I got the chance to see him in action! We met in Brooklyn at a really beautiful brownstone that served as our headquarters for the day. The shoot was for emerging line, Free People Rebellion’s look book.  Designer Sarah Williams creates handmade accessories using various metals &  authentic African textiles from her native Liberia. This recent collection was inspired by British phenomenon Ebony Bones tune W.A.R.R.I.O.R.  Most of my collections are inspired by some music or song that I really love, W.A.R.R.I.O.R influenced my incorporation of metals & more strong pieces throughout this collection which convey a strong statuesque type of woman!

Watching the shoot unfold from beginning to end was pure excitement for me. It was great watching the chemistry between all of the talents involved from the MUA Jennifer Knowlden to the gorgeous model Folasade Adeoso (Naija girls rock!) everyone was in sync (especially since it was the first time the model,designer & mua were meeting). Sarah already knew the creative direction she wanted to go in & Kwesi just vibed off of her energy & direction while shooting. There were about 4-5 looks that were shot, each look getting a subtle upgrade by MUA Jennifer Knowlden another amazing talent to watch. Model Folosade Adeoso blew us all away working the simple green vine backdrop including our never-ending slew of onlookers or should I call them the Fola Fan Club lol. Overall the shoot was a success & a great experience that I’m grateful to have been apart of & look forward to more to share with you here at Nuvany Nice!

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3 Responses to “On Set: Free Peoples Rebellion Lookbook Shoot”

  1. Alicia Says:

    HOW COOL!!! I’d love to tag along on a shoot. =D


    […] culture blogger, Ebony Ugo- David. She took some behind the scene pics and video which you can see here on her site Nuvany Ni’ce. Thanks […]

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