Jannica Hedlund: Design By Issa

Dubbed Dirty Disco Swedish Designer Jannica Hedlund transports us onto the dance floor with her recent #6 collection from her label Design By Issa. Inspired by techno bands like Format B & Markus Hamm, imagine yourself twirling & shimmying to the blaring sounds in a massive defunct warehouse clad with old paint smears on concrete walls. A range of  airy silhouette’s that flow with your body’s movement! Hedlund uses a variation of neckline details on the dresses and blouses (plunging,v-neck,boatneck etc.) to accentuate the simple designs. The graphic print Kimono is a classic addition to the solid line. Each piece, from the lavender high-waist pants to the black boat neck dress are easily transitional for work or play. After reviewing her previous collections, I can honestly say that Jannica Hedlund’s work has consistently evolved and this #6 collection is by far her best work to date! She excellently conveyed her brand’s message through this collection:

Dress up. Undress. Dress down. Get dressed. Well-dressed. Dresses. The world looks good looking good. No-compromise clothes, fair fabrics, finery and freedom. Real impact. Inspired by it all. Cruel crispness. Heavy minimalism. More and less, more or less. Simply hot simplicity.

Please visit Design by Issa to view the entire line & to see the fabulous short created for the #6 collection! Oh & I can’t forget to give credit where it’s due, thanks to Bespoke Bloke for the introduction!

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