Manimal Warm Weather Days S/S 10

I always anxiously anticipate what designer Kristen Lombardi will unveil each season with her line Manimal. The spring collection is all about lightness and ease and includes items which are effortless and functional. I love the idea of an urban kind of hunter/gatherer.  Walking around in good looking moccasins and tucking discoveries away in a pouch belt-tying parcels up with a beautifully decorated leather strip.  I grew up in the woods and loved roaming the forest in the spring, documenting new growth.  These spring items were really created in the spirit of those wanderings.

Spring brings a simple aesthetic with the direction of the campaign shoot, allowing the key pieces to stand out. Signature moccasins in neutral earth tones like sand & dust are enhanced w/colorful triangle fringe. I’m still amazed at how Kristen manages to use every bit of left-over scrap to produce various other creations like the math necklace, design at its best. My favorite piece from the collection this season has to be the cutesy Pouch Belt. It appears so simple, but the smallest touch of detail like the miniscule stacked pieces of scrap suede used to hold the knot at the end of the drawstring and knowing that every piece is leftover remnants from another leave you in awe of the designers creativity. Another new addition for spring that Kristen tells me are selling like hot cakes are the adorable baby moccasins.  Again neutral tones accentuating funky zig-zag shapes lined w/faux fur, need I say more :)! And I can’t leave out the important fact that all Manimal products are handcrafted and a good portion of them are vegan. Please visit the Manimal website to view the complete line for Spring & don’t forget to check out the fabulous sale going on.

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