NYFW Is Ova Kids!

Yesss henny NYFW is finally OVA, fun times but I am exhausted! Last night I covered my last round of shows for She Breathes & was invited to another show by a friend that I did not plan on attending, but that’s how fashion week goes SPONTANEITY. I’ll be doing a brief re-cap of some shows I attended here on Nuvany Nice next week & you can always visit She Breathes to see some of my coverage as well. This year I really reflected on how far I’ve come with this blog & my personal progress in regards to my career path. When I started this blog my intention was to sell  all of the excess clothing & accessories I would buy & never use but gradually it has evolved into so much more. I’m very critical of myself and at times don’t acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. Those that have been with me from the beginning will attest to my growth :). I’m saying all of this to say, that if you have a desire or passion stick with it, work hard to pursue it by any means(legally :)) , immerse yourself in/around it, above all DON’T GIVE UP and believe in yourself. These words may sound cliché, but we use them repetitively because they prove themselves! Ok enough sappy, sappy ha ha! I didn’t go hard with the street style photos this time around but here’s a small snippet of what I saw this year, ENJOY! Oh & thank all of you for your wonderful comments,emails,visits it’s definitely a part of what keeps me going :).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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7 Responses to “NYFW Is Ova Kids!”

  1. Ana Tereza Says:

    You look really pretty on those pics, i wish i was pretty and skinny like that. Regarding your coments, I think surrounding yourself with the right, driven, inspiring ppl is also key into moving forward.

    I’m glad you’r happy, grown, doing what you love. That’s just beautiful to watch.

    • nuvanynice Says:

      Oh please Aninha you know how it is, you want to be more skinny I want to be a lil fatter 😉 But thanks for the dear compliment & yes I’m finally finding a place of happiness pursuing what I love & you will too! Love ya girlie!

  2. Amber Says:

    thanks for the advice! sometimes i am hard on myself and feel unsure about blogging but i love to write so why stop now! glad you enjoyed your fw experience!!!

    • nuvanynice Says:

      Thats exactly right if you love it then why stop & yes its very important to acknowledge your accomplishments and growth. I think being critical is good, but you have to have a balance and not be over critical of yourself to where it becomes detrimental. Did you attend any shows this NYFW?

  3. t Says:

    Some good inspiration. Thanx/

  4. Amber Says:

    well i interned for a designer during fashion week. but i was so busy running around doing pulls and duties i was the only one interning so i had to do everything was wiped out and missed a few. kind of salty about it but my body couldn’t take it i was soooooooooo tired. though i did gain lots of experience, my perspective of designers is way different now. they do through so much to bring their ideas to life geeeezz.

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