Buckler Fall 2010 & Thiago Santos

New York Fashion Week is always an adrenaline rushing adventure for me, this year has been no different. Schlepping around in the snow from show to show,gawking at all of the fabulously dressed attendees, meeting new people, & the icing on the cake seeing those that you admire firsthand! If you’re an avid reader here at Nuvany Nice then you will know my infatuation with brazilian Model Thiago Santos! Of course Thiago is extremely handsome, but I adore him even more for his historical feat of being the first black model featured in a Dior ad campaign(OK TRUTHFULLY THATS ONLY HALF THE REASON :)). I was very disappointed that he was not cast for any shows in Milan last month, but that’s  a discussion I will tackle later.

Last Friday I unexpectedly got the opportunity to attend the Buckler Men’s presentation & to my surprise Thiago was one of the models cast for the show. Designer Andrew Buckler unveiled an amazing collection inspired by Jack Kerouac’s book On The Road, which in a nutshell chronicles the characters many journey’s and metamorphosis. It was immediately apparent to me that Mr. Buckler marches to the beat of his own drum, which in this day in fashion is always a breath of fresh air. Buckler referenced the 1950’s beat generation which celebrated the uncanny alternative to rules of the norm.  Dense washed twill chinos, worn leather bomber jackets and my fav the drop crotch selvage denim are just a few of the key pieces incorporated into the line.

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