Bloggers Day of Action for Haiti

Today is an amazing day in the blogosphere! Despite the massive turmoil Haiti is currently enduring, we the rest of humanity are required to assist & lift the people of Haiti up during this time. The wonderful & talented Jeanine of Aphrochic has spearheaded a movement for bloggers. Today I am a part of 14 other bloggers that have made the choice to dedicate this day to raise awareness & educate our readers about the resilient country of Haiti.

I struggled with how I wanted to present this post, and whether I wanted to give my readers a true depiction of Haiti or mask the truth & prioritize peoples feelings or reactions. Then I remembered the truth is the only way that you can be liberated PERIOD. We live our lives day-to-day selfishly not thinking an ounce of how our brothers & sisters around the world live. Haiti has an amazingly rich history, being the first post-colonial independent black nation due to a triumphant revolt of slaves. That fact alone helps you to understand the depth & strength of the Haitian people.

Knowledge is power, &  in turn power evokes human consciousness. As I was looking for a few pictures that would accurately show the day-to-day lives of most Haitians I came across Jan Sochor’s site. Jan did a wonderful audio photo essay of Haiti entitled hunger & rage. You can view the slide show below by clicking on the link, be sure to click on the caption button to learn more in-depth facts about Haiti.


Know that you are empowered with knowledge, its time for ACTION! There are many organizations & groups that you can give to, but I would like to introduce you to a org I will be donating to. Wine to Water is a org I found out about while covering an event for She Breathes. I was able to meet founder Doc Hendley & his wife and had an extensive conversation with him about the work he is doing. Wine to water provides clean water to people all over the globe. Doc a bartender, had the desire & started a non-profit. Simple as that, now he has provided clean water to people in India,Ethiopia, Sudan & many other countries. If you’re interested in donating towards their efforts in Haiti, visit their site & click on HAITI EMERGENCY FUND banner! Also be sure to visit Aphrochic’s blog to see all the other bloggers that are participating in this great effort for Haiti!

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