I’ve Found You: No.6 Clog Boots

Let me tell you, I’ve been searching for these boots since seeing them last May. I actually discovered them in a round about way via the Manhattan Vintage Show.  In May I attended the Manhattan Vintage Show and came across Karin Bereson & Morgan Yakus’s booth for their No.6 Store, they had one of the most amazing spreads of vintage pieces. I was totally enthralled with everything I saw! I remember talking to Karin briefly and exchanging cards. When I got home I logged onto their site and voila found these beauties. Definitely an investment piece, but these will last a lifetime and keep your toes comfy & cozy. You can purchase the above styles at one of my favorite online shops Creatures of Comfort for $345. Christmas gift to Ebony anyone(echo…echo…echo)?

2 Responses to “I’ve Found You: No.6 Clog Boots”

  1. Samantha V Says:

    I would love to hear a comparison between the No 6 and the Penelope Chilvers clog boots (also very nice looking)… has anyone out there tried on both?

    • nuvanynice Says:

      Thanks for visiting, I will work on getting an answer for you. I’m actually curious to know how comfy the No.6 boots are too. This is my first time hearing about Penelope Chilvers, I’ll take a look!

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