Yeojin Bae The Disheveled Bun

I’m trying to decide if I’m more in love with the disheveled bun in Yeojin Bae’s S/S10 collection or some of the looks. Well as much as I covet this hairstyle I don’t see myself being able to tackle wearing it anytime soon, seeing that I have virtually NO HAIR :). Thankfully Bae’s designs help subside my pain, oh so dramatic I know I know! Australian designers always seem to be  a bit ahead of the curve in fashion. As I took a quick look back on some her past collections it was very evident. It’s super cold here in NJ/NYC, and these looks from Bae have me longing for any type of hot weather. I love the exaggerated draping in the jumpsuits and adore how she paired it with that amazing blazer, by far my fav look.  It’s nice to see visible diversity throughout a collection as long as each piece is relevant. Visit Bae’s site to indulge in the full collection!

Don’t forget to visit TamSam where i’ll be guest blogging this week!

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