{Fashion.} The Art of Styling: Malloni Italy

Yes honey are you still standing? Mmmm I know its too early for goodness like this right, catch your breath, lets breathe together. I know I’m so dramatic, but this is good stuff seriously right! So inspiring I’m seriously in awe of the perfection of this shoot. The model, the construction of the clothes, the makeup, the simplistic edginess it all works for me. There is truly and art to styling! I wanted to post the entire look book from Italian line Malloni, but that would be overkill now wouldn’t it. When I see fashion encompassed as a whole like this, it revives my passion for the ART that is fashion. I know that was extremely cliché, but it is what it is! I’m so excited by these photos, but don’t let me hold you any longer hurry on over to their site and indulge in the rest of the amazing looks! Thank me later 🙂

View the entire Lookbook here!

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One Response to “{Fashion.} The Art of Styling: Malloni Italy”

  1. livefashion Says:

    Where did you get these images?

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