{Fashion./Culture.} On Sale: Get Your Cassi Go Home Duffel


My style ranges from casual to dressy, its always changing. I don’t have any particular style that I stick to, I get bored very easily. This blog is a reflection of my personal style and taste. You will never see a post of something that I dislike or would never wear. I hope that this is something everyone enjoys, the diversity!

If you look up the word Grinding in the dictionary there’s no doubt that you will see a pic. of Emeka Alams. Emeka is one of the hardest working folks that I know and I’m convinced he knows everyone on the planet, no exaggeration :)! Emeka has been hard at work gradually releasing pieces from his new line Gold Coast TradingGold Coast Trading is a tribute & celebration to his home Africa.  We would gather in large numbers to mourn with those who mourn and to rejoice with those who rejoice. We have forgotten that we came from a continent where guiding, correcting and rebuking children is everybody’s’ task; a continent with green forests, clean rivers and undiscovered natural resources abound. The continent is love. Still, you dont know or understand. This is my effort to get back to that.

Yesterday was the drop for the bag I’ve been waiting for from the line, The Cassi Go Home Duffel Bag.  100% bull twill with Ugandan gold print & Red Mozambican sun zippers. Durable enough for all of  your worldwide travels. You can pre-order the bag by dropping an email to info@livefromthecoast.com.  And get excited because this is part 1 of 2! Be sure to explore the movement by visiting Emeka’s amazing blog Live From the Coast. You will definitely learn a thing or 2! Lookout for the S/S 10 Campaign coming to a computer screen near you really soon!