{Fashion.} Bimba Y Lola


Are you screaming with me as your gawking at your computer scream, okay let’s do it again together AHHHHHHH! Yessss thats exactly what I did when I decided to revisit one of my favorite spanish lines Bimba Y Lola. Do I even need to say anything more, Bimba Y Lola never disappoints. One of the things I love the most about this line is the diversity and how extensive it is. I can wear EVERY single piece throughout this line, there’s really something for everyone. Whatever look your aiming for, you’ll find it with Bimba Y Lola. These are only a few of the many looks to choose from, I wanted to post every look but wanted you to have something to look forward to when visiting their site :)! From accessories to coats, I’m literally coveting EVERY item in this line. There are so many wearable pieces to mix and match, you will have a field day even if you just pick 2 or 3 pieces to incorporate into your current wardrobe. I’m coveting those rust brown lace up boots, that fur stole, those bling booties, ahhhhh I VWANT it all!!! So i’ll stop rambling, do yourself a favor and indulge in all of the goodness Bimba Y Lola has to offer!