Keeping You Warm Since 2001: Rachel Mara


As I’m sitting here typing this post, the brisk cold air is coming through my window. Today is such a  befitting day for this post! Rachel Mara is one of my favorite independent designers. Every season i’m drawn back because of her visually stimulating aesthetic. This is the type of brand that I want to read about and be inspired by when I open my favorite magazine; simple yet refined. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coat for the Fall season, and when I received Rachel’s lookbook for F/W09 I felt my mission was complete! Classic silhouettes, exposed zippers, gold buttons, cowlnecks, wools & tweeds an abundance of goodness to choose from. I was blown away with the presentation for this season. A sort of city feel combined with quintessential femininity.

_R6L1058 copy
Rachel sent  a brief synopsis of the F/W 09 collection and I debated whether to attempt to dissect and translate her beautiful words. But concluded to allow the designer to speak for herself. I wanted to give you a small glimpse into her world as a designer and only she could put it best:

I was very contemplative while designing this collection. I felt a sense of restraint and responsibility during this challenging economic and political climate. I wanted to make a collection that was relevant. This is an interesting time that has encouraged revaluation. I started to think about women’s inner strength and adaptability. At the core we don’t need much to be happy or survive. We need food, shelter, clothing and love. I wanted to make clothes that looked warm and felt good to the touch; like flannels and wools. I wanted high cowl necks on tops and coats; to keep warm and protect. Strong exposed zippers that showed the durability. When we were working on the concept for the photo shoot my husband, a brilliant creative, wrote the line “In hard times you need a good coat, and a good woman” and it all just came together. I loved the idea of the solution to these times as being that simple. Both are warm and reliable. Both are sturdy. Both are beautiful. Both protect. Make the investment in a good woman…and a good coat, they can last a lifetime.


Please visit Rachel Mara to view the full F/W09 collection and to browse her recenlty launched ONLINE SHOP!!!!!

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