Photo Of the Week

danahwah(Found via Dan Ahwa)

I’ve always had a love for Photography and I think it stems from my Father. He set out to pursue a career as a fashion photo-journalist and attended The Institute of Commercial Art in Madrid Spain. Although he didn’t fulfill his dream of becoming a photographer(became a spanish/english teacher instead after a 20yr. stint in the US Army), he maintained a passion for it and always encouraged me to indulge in the craft. I would always flip through the many photo books he kept chronicling his photography years. I took one photography class in H.S. and used a vintage Pentax camera he had used during his schooling in Spain. Even though I did not stick with it, I have vivid memories of developing film in the dark room and the meticulous technique it took to hopefully produce a memorable photo.

I’ve decided to let Fridays here at Nuvany Ni’ce be “Photo of the Week” day! I’ll simply post a picture that I think is beautiful and inspiring, no words just a picture. I would love for everyone to leave a comment with your thoughts on  the photo, create a dialogue. Sometimes pictures can tell a story better than words, so hopefully you will enjoy the SILENCE hee hee and be inspired like myself! (I will cite the source of every photo at the bottom of the photo)


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