Artist:Danah Givens


I’ve never been into politics. But once I heard a “brotha” was running for President, I started to pay more attention. So many people were negative saying “these (white) people aren’t gonna let a black man run this country”. I personally think black people have a bad rap for not taking pride in their community or taking advantage of opportunities before them. But when I woke up that morning to vote and saw the lines around the corner full of all kinds of people and especially black people it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, I don’t cry often. But I do draw. I’m an 80’s baby so I wanted to draw Obama in a way that I think represents my generation. I feel like this election affected my generation the most because I think a lot of us were first time voters especially within the black community. I remember growing up in Detroit going to predominately black schools where every kid in my class said at least once, “I want to be the President of the United States when I grow up.” And our teachers, not wanting to kill our dreams, probably just smiled and nodded but all the while thinking to themselves if that dream will ever come true for black people. Well it has and I hope that all those kids that were in 3rd grade back in 1994 with side pony tails and rat-tail braids hoping to be President can relate. Haha. ENJOY!- Danah Givens

Check out more of  Danah’s work via her siteThrones & Megaphones. You can also use the contact form via Thrones & Megaphones for inquiries about commissioned work!

One Response to “Artist:Danah Givens”

  1. Tania Says:

    A resounding “Yes We Can” for this post. Love the honesty and the colors in this drawing brings me right back to that winning moment. JOY!

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