Manimal Studio Visit

Manimal Mocassins

Manimal Mocassins



Each Piece Is Handmade

 If your a regular here at Nuvany Ni’ce then your no stranger to Manimal Moccasins by Kristen Lombardi. But if you are CLICK HERE and we’ll catch you up to speed! Over the summer Kristen invited me to a sale/party at her new studio in Brooklyn.  Shes a one-woman hand making machine that continues to crank out the goodness season after season. I was determined to go, we had conversed numerous times via e-mail and I really wanted to meet her face to face. Just so that you know I own a pair of Manimal moccasins that are insanely dope, I mean I can NEVER wear them without getting massive inquiries and comments on how great they look. And they are beyond comfy, feels like I have no shoes on. Her quaint little studio is stocked to the brim with various types of colorful leathers & scraps that she recycles. I found it very amazing that she does not discard one piece of excess leather, she finds a way to recycle it by making various jewelry or other wonderful creations. When I asked her the question that every designer gets asked “What was your inspiration for this collection” her reply was recycling.  Being inspired by the most miniscule piece of scrap that is later a beautiful necklace that one could have never imagined. She has also expanded the line a bit creating mocs for babies that are almost edible. I couldn’t resist scooping up pair for friend who just had a baby. The color combos are great neons, brown, fuschia and navy. You’ll see more accessories this season as well my favorite is the huge Leather Fringe Bag. Guests were also gifted with a pair of suede ribcage earrings, I wear mine almost everyday.  Over all I had an amazing time exploring the Manimal studios! Be sure to check in next week as Kristen has graciously sponsored yet another amazing giveaway, you really don’t want to miss it seriously 🙂


Baby Mocs Soooo Cute!


Suede Purse

Suede Purse


Kristen Lombardi Creator of Manimal Holding Leather Fringe Bag

Visit the Manimal Website to Shop and view the entire F/W 09 collection! 

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    […] is graciously sponsoring today’s giveaway. If you haven’t checked out our visit to Manimal Studios please take a moment and do so, I had an amazing time. I remember  briefly glancing at the Scrap […]

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