All I Need Is You….



2 Edith Readers    

3 Flat Stretch Waist Belt

4 Karen Walker Shes Cracked Dress

5 Large Foldover Clutch

6 Thea Grant Unisex Crest Ring

7 Double Ruffle Cuff

8 Twist & Twirl Zipper Earrings


Artist:Danah Givens


I’ve never been into politics. But once I heard a “brotha” was running for President, I started to pay more attention. So many people were negative saying “these (white) people aren’t gonna let a black man run this country”. I personally think black people have a bad rap for not taking pride in their community or taking advantage of opportunities before them. But when I woke up that morning to vote and saw the lines around the corner full of all kinds of people and especially black people it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, I don’t cry often. But I do draw. I’m an 80’s baby so I wanted to draw Obama in a way that I think represents my generation. I feel like this election affected my generation the most because I think a lot of us were first time voters especially within the black community. I remember growing up in Detroit going to predominately black schools where every kid in my class said at least once, “I want to be the President of the United States when I grow up.” And our teachers, not wanting to kill our dreams, probably just smiled and nodded but all the while thinking to themselves if that dream will ever come true for black people. Well it has and I hope that all those kids that were in 3rd grade back in 1994 with side pony tails and rat-tail braids hoping to be President can relate. Haha. ENJOY!- Danah Givens

Check out more of  Danah’s work via her siteThrones & Megaphones. You can also use the contact form via Thrones & Megaphones for inquiries about commissioned work!

On A World Tour: Society HAE

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NN: Harriets Alter Ego is synonymous with Brooklyn, can you explain to those who aren’t familiar what Harriets is all about?                                                                                                                                                                    SHAE: We started out selling our line of women’s clothing at street fairs in Brooklyn 9 years ago, which enabled us to begin to build the Harriet’s community early on.  In 2002 we opened up shop on Flatbush avenue and instantaneously became a community hub, we were a destination for those looking for an alternative to mainstream fashion and mass marketed goods.  You knew if you came to Harriet’s you would find one of a kind clothing and accessories.  We then started doing events at our shop, offering yoga classes and sewing classes and that’s really when we moved from being just a clothing company and boutique to being a lifestyle brand.  Once we relocated to our new space in 2005 we started taking things to a whole different level, we opened up the art gallery, started a fashion incubator program for emerging designers and began producing monthly events and truly became a destination for fashion and art enthusiasts.
NN: As a Brooklyn staple for over 6 years, was it a difficult decision to close your brick & mortar location?
SHAE: It was a decision that made sense considering the economic climate.  We looked at was going on with the economy and assessed our place it, with rising overhead costs and less money being spent shopping we felt it was what the current retail climate dictated.  As a person and business you must adapt to a changing environment and be willing to change with it.  I did not see our closing as a set back, EVERYTHING is an opportunity and the possibilities are always endless.
NN: You recently launched your new venture Society HAE, how did this brilliant idea come to fruition?
SHAE: With everything that we do our intent has been and continues to be to incorporate emerging art of all mediums into the daily lives of the community and encourage people to interact with one another in new and creative ways. Society HAE adds another layer to the Harriet’s community enhancing its collective experience. 
NN: Harriets is known for hosting some of the dopest indie music,fashion and art events around, will you continue this tradition even though you have made the transition to the web?
SHAE: Definitely!  We will continue to produce events and are working on several projects now, we also plan on producing events in Philly and DC.  We’re working on all the details now but this summer folks can expect some really cool events.  Just keep checking for the details.
NN: What do you want folks to experience and take away when they visit Society HAE?
SHAE: Society HAE is a point of convergence for the creative community and those who appreciate art, music and fashion.  You come to SHAE to discover and experience art of all mediums.  We screen independent film shorts on a weekly basis as well as feature interesting people doing interesting things all over the world.  But the best part of the SHAE experience are our diverse group of members, live all over the world.
NN: There were many successful SHAE events throughout the summer, the 1st Annual BK All Day BBQ is memorable in my mind! What are you cooking up for the new season?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     SHAE:  We’re taking this show on the road and spreading the SHAE goodness from city to city, country to country and  continent to continent. I’m sure for some it might be a laughable idea, but I truly believe that Society HAE can and will connect the global creative community.  Why couldn’t a DJ in Capetown, connect with a Graphic Designer in Sao Paulo & a Fashion Designer in Brooklyn and decide to collaborate on a project  that furthers all their creative endeavors.  There are so many phenomenal, virtually unknown talents all over the world, I would love to be able to provide a platform to showcase what they do and I see the SHAE website and events as the perfect way to do this.

Our next event is Philly PoP on October 11th, which is part of a series of “PoP Up Experience Shops,” that serve as a one day installation of fashion, music and art by emerging artists of various mediums.  Folks can also be on the look for Harlem PoP on Oct 17th and Shop N Mingle in Dec.  At the present we’re plotting out our 2010 schedule and I’m really excited about all the events we got planned and the direction we’re moving in.

NN: Any Shout outs you’d like to give?                                                                                                                                       SHAE: EVERYONE needs to log on to, we’re building a movement!

Many thanks to Ngozi Odita for this interview, please log onto Society HAE and become a part!

Loreak Mendian A/W 09




Loving these super comfy looks from Spanish label  Loreak Mendian. This is exactly how I’m feeling today, casual and effortless.  My fav look is the second, slouchy feminine topped off with a pair of comfortable kicks. Kinda baffled that there are no US retailers, but  you know when theres internet theres a way:)! You can view the entire look book via their website, they’ve got a nice selection for guys as well!


Rebel Chic Baby!


Rebel Chic Hoop Earrings Shimmer Series


The Molly Earring

Whips & Chains

Whips & Chains


I just wanted it to marinate for a minute, thats why I started the text of this post way down here! Have you taken it in fully? Are you still asking yourself what the beauties are your gawking at on your screen? Okay let me fill you in, Rebel Chic! YESSSS, I am so excited that Ms Tisha Brown is back with a dose of freshness. I’ve been a fan from the beginning and Tisha has reciprocated the love as always. Tis the season for re-vamping it seems, new logo, new designs, new website and it all looks AMAZING. Shimmer Series, Whips & Chains just a few new additions to the already stellar line. I’m currently coveting the black Shimmer Hoops and those bows on that Molly Earring will literally kill them softly! I don’t think I need to say much more, so hurry on over to the Rebel Chic website and buy EVERYTHING!!!


Artist: Wim Vandersleyen


I was drawn to these prints on canvas by artist Wim Vandersleyen because of the colors and the contrast. My personality is the same very extreme at times not too much in the middle, I’m working on that :). But in certain instances like these works of art ,the result is beautiful. The brown bamboo-esque background meshes perfectly with each design. The first one above takes me back to when I had dreadlocks, oh how I miss them! And as a lover of music, you can understand why I dig the speakers. Oddly enough the final print reminds me of my trip to Hawaii and visiting the Dole Factory eating the most amazing pineapple ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Everyone has different interpretations or memories when looking at art, I think that may be part of the beauty! Each piece is available for purchase here!



Manimal Studio Visit

Manimal Mocassins

Manimal Mocassins



Each Piece Is Handmade

 If your a regular here at Nuvany Ni’ce then your no stranger to Manimal Moccasins by Kristen Lombardi. But if you are CLICK HERE and we’ll catch you up to speed! Over the summer Kristen invited me to a sale/party at her new studio in Brooklyn.  Shes a one-woman hand making machine that continues to crank out the goodness season after season. I was determined to go, we had conversed numerous times via e-mail and I really wanted to meet her face to face. Just so that you know I own a pair of Manimal moccasins that are insanely dope, I mean I can NEVER wear them without getting massive inquiries and comments on how great they look. And they are beyond comfy, feels like I have no shoes on. Her quaint little studio is stocked to the brim with various types of colorful leathers & scraps that she recycles. I found it very amazing that she does not discard one piece of excess leather, she finds a way to recycle it by making various jewelry or other wonderful creations. When I asked her the question that every designer gets asked “What was your inspiration for this collection” her reply was recycling.  Being inspired by the most miniscule piece of scrap that is later a beautiful necklace that one could have never imagined. She has also expanded the line a bit creating mocs for babies that are almost edible. I couldn’t resist scooping up pair for friend who just had a baby. The color combos are great neons, brown, fuschia and navy. You’ll see more accessories this season as well my favorite is the huge Leather Fringe Bag. Guests were also gifted with a pair of suede ribcage earrings, I wear mine almost everyday.  Over all I had an amazing time exploring the Manimal studios! Be sure to check in next week as Kristen has graciously sponsored yet another amazing giveaway, you really don’t want to miss it seriously 🙂


Baby Mocs Soooo Cute!


Suede Purse

Suede Purse


Kristen Lombardi Creator of Manimal Holding Leather Fringe Bag

Visit the Manimal Website to Shop and view the entire F/W 09 collection! 

NYFW Streetstyle Flicks

Vodpod videos no longer available. Finally uploaded the few street style flicks I captured during last week’s shows at NYFW. There was such an abundance of  variety, even with all of the black.  The last flick I captured was of Dominican Model Rose Cordero. I felt a little bad, because when I asked her to take a pic. she explained to me in her heavy dominican accent that she was rushing to a show. She seemed a bit agitated and just over it all, and it was the last day of fashion week. But you live and you learn, I can’t imagine how exhausted the models are after fashion week and some still have to continue on to London & Paris. They deserve for people to treat them with consideration just like anyone else. Well, hopefully you will enjoy the beautiful people/styles that I captured.  And remember i’m no Sartorialist, just a gal with a camera in tow trying to capture a bit of inspiration :)!


New York Fashion Week Giveaway: Arise Mag & More!

Thank you all for your entries, REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE SPACE PROVIDED FOR FUTURE GIVEAWAYS !!! The winner is Nadia, please check your e-mail :). Thanks again and lookout for the next giveaway sponsored by Manimal, you don’t want to miss out!!!


NYFW ended yesterday, I was kind of sad to think about it :). I guess I’ve become accustomed to going from show to show everyday for the past week and now its done! Great times & memories were had, I’m grateful that I finally got a chance to experience NYFW. You can view my coverage on the shows I attended at She Breathes! I struggled with compiling my fits for the week. I didn’t know what to expect, how I should dress up or down in between. Ms. Shoo gave me a brief rundown of how things would be, but I guess you never know until you experience for yourself. After going to my first show, I decided that I would just be myself and not try to conform to any certain look/style that I saw.  I wore the outfit in the above pic. at my last show yesterday evening. I’ve never been a super glam type of girl. I’ve always been a tomboy and prefer to dress casually than to dress up. But as I get I older I find myself wanting to switch it up a bit at least occasionally. Here is the rundown of my fit:

Thrifted Bailey Fedora

Vintage Harve Bernard Cropped Blazer

DIY Fringe Necklace (cut it from and old top)

Thrifted H&M Tunic

Aeoropostale Jeans

Vintage Hand Crocheted Bag

Vintage Bangle

Target Ankle Boots



So I couldn’t leave the tents empty handed without snatching up a few goodies for you all! This is the first official giveaway on the new and improved blog :).  Up for grabs 2 Issues of the new Arise Magazine, 1 New York Times Style Magazine, 1 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Welcome Book, 1 Bottle of Maria Bonita Nail Polish. 2 winners will be picked at random each winner will receive a copy of Arise Magazine and one will receive the other items included in the giveaway. Winners will be announced next Friday September 25. To enter this giveaway leave a comment letting me know your favorite show fom NYFW this season and why? PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE PROVIDED SPACE WHEN LEAVING A COMMENT OTHERWISE I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU ARE THE WINNER. Oh and I will be posting a slideshow of all the streestyle pics. I snapped over the weekend, stay tuned!


Shaun Ross & Crew


Love, love, love model Shaun Ross! I was delighted to get a flick of him while walking down 6th ave. It was an interesting meeting, his body guard was a little apprehensive to let me take a photo. I had to repeatedly ask him to move aside so that I could snap the stylish threesome. After a bit of coercion he finally obliged to my delight. It’s so interesting to see the many ways people style all black fits during NYFW. These young men are no exception, the mesh shades all literally killing me softly!