GRINDING: Rakiyt Zakari

1. Name/Alias:
RAKIYT the Rak aka David’s Mom

2.Where are you from/ Where do you currently live?:
I’m from Norfolk I live in the DC Metro

3. Where did/do you go to school and your major?:
Howard University 03 Grad. BA Fashion Merchandising

4. What is your Grind?:
The Grind: hustling shirts, hand stitched tees, custom work, designing dresses, alterations, web designer, graphic designer, consultant, international arms dealer

5. How did you get into what your doing now?:
I’ve always loved fabric and color and creating. I got started in the fashion game in 2001. I began making dresses and doing shows locally and selling to boutiques. In 04 I started showing my women’s line in Miami. A year later I developed The Original David brand. Since 05 this has been the main hustle.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
I wanted to be Uncle Traveling Mat from the Fraggles. I wanted to just be a world explorer and an inventor. I was always creating little things, building stuff, dismantling things and what not.

7. What are some contributing factors that shaped the life you live now?:
Stubborn resistance to all things conventional pretty much is to blame for my current status. I love and hate what I do and can’t seem to do it through traditional means. Another contributing factor could be that I spend a lot of time in my head, thinking things up, cooking up concepts and looking for outlets. I couldn’t do this at a regular 9-5, most ppl never get the chance to shine in a confined space.

8. Any specific people that mentored or helped guide you to your current path?:
My mom’s love of patterns and fabric stores scarred me for life, so I made sure I didn’t do things the way she did. Her love for sewing rubbed off on me, but my twist is being uninhibited in my approach to design. My cousin Jimmy was another influence. He could draw and he was the coolest cat in the neighborhood. I wanted to be just like him. I started drawing (and perfecting my cool) at a young age to sort of imitate big cuz.

9. What motivates you?:
I’m motivated by greed. Simply put, I just want to eat and feed my kid, and this is the only way I know how. I don’t want to do anything else so I have to make this work.

10. Your favorite author and why?:
I don’t have a favorite. I read a lot of books some of my fave’s are Thomas Friedman, Brad Meltzner, Anne Perry, Seth Godin and they’re all kinda all over the place subject wise.

11. What are 3 goals you want to achieve within the next year?:

Health Insurance.
Build Web Presence
Create an Animated short for The Original David

12. One person that continuously inspires you and why?:
David my son. He is the inspiration. He’s the coolest and has the best one liners.

13. 3 Indie brands you LOVE to rock?:
Covet, Saint Y’acque, Suno

14. What annoys you the most?:
I’m most annoyed by masturbators: people that get off on themselves. celebrities with crazy ego, ppl that just talk and talk and talk to try to be profound.

15. Your best quality?:
Best quality is rolling with what comes my way. My life undulates in weird patterns and I’m pretty good at just handling stuff and adding my own brand of sarcasm to lessen the insanity of it all.