NN- It seems that Fashion design is only one of your many talents! Can you give us a little background on yourself?

RM-I studied fine arts and advertising design as well as spending some time with photography. Like most creative people I’m insatiable when it comes to creating. There is always something that can be made better or different.

NN-Your roots run very deep in Fashion. Moule is a small chain of boutiques started by your Mother in the late 80’s. Did this influence your desire to delve into fashion in any way?

RM-It had the opposite effect, I avoided it for quite some time. I thought fashion was too girly or fluffy. I grew up wearing a “girl’s lib” t-shirt and being a proud tomboy, I thought I needed to do something more serious in order to be taken seriously.

NN-You’ve been designing your line Rachel Mara since 2002. Explain how your design process has evolved?

RM-The process hasn’t really changed for me. I still dive in head first and hope it all comes together.
What has changed is that I’ve gained experience and knowledge and that is what evolves the collection. I have the courage to take more risks.

NN-I read in another article that your Spring 09 collection was inspired by “The Warhol-Sedgwick” relationship. Can you explain this more in depth?

RM-The collection was inspired by artists, their process, their muses, and their mess. The stroke of inspiration for anyone can be so personal, random and fleeting.
As the viewer we are so intrigued by trying to understand how someone comes up with an idea. And when that inspiration comes from another person or a “muse” it results in this magical essence that beholds the artist and the viewer.

NN-What are two things that people would be surprised to know about Rachel G. the designer?

RM-1) I hate pets.; 2) I secretly always wanted to be a comedian.

NN- Do you have any specific aspirations for your line this year?

RM- Perfection. Fortunately it’s unattainable or else I’d have to move on and find something else to do.

NN-Portland or Marrakesh for shopping and why :)?

RM-Nothing beats the Medina in Marrakesh, you’re transported to another time and place.

NN-Fashion has been apart of your life for some time now. I’m sure you have encountered obstacles as well as triumphs along the way. Can you share a few valuable lessons that you have learned and live by?

RM-I think I’m finally learning that the most important voice to listen to is mine. And as long as you keep trying to do great things you eventually will.

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