THINGS I LUV: Bimba Y Lola

I’ve always had somewhat of a distant love affair with Spain. I think it stems from my mothers stories of living abroad in Madrid and falling in love with my father. What I enjoy most about Spanish line Bimba y Lola, simple and refined. Its refreshing to see such a drastic contrast to what we’ve seen on the runways for S/S here in the US. Really relaxed pieces not exaggerated at all. There’s so much to choose from, everything is wearable and can be reworked to fit diffferent indivdual styles. Aside from a ready-to-wear line Bimba y Lola offers shoes,accessories and bags as well. Classic styles with a modern twist. The line is currently only avail. in Europe and Asia, hopefully they’ll expand to the US. Be sure to check out the lookbook while your visiting!