New Goods from Boos & Besito

The ladies of HAUTE new line Boos & Besito are crankin out the goodness for you non-stop! From swanky headbands to Shoe Blooms, insanely one of a kind creativity for you to snatch up. New High Mart is stocked to the the brim with new goods, so hurry and go cop some! And while your still swooning over the hot number above check the GRINDING feature we recently did w/one half of the duo behind Boos & Besito, Alejandra Hernandez!

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2 Responses to “New Goods from Boos & Besito”

  1. dirtyflaws Says:

    too cute

  2. gcbautista Says:

    i love this! i will definitely check out new high mart right now to see some more unique goods. thanks for the tip. i also love your Grinding features on here..very interesting and inspirational. awesome ebony

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