THINGS I LUV: Ferociter Tough & Sweet Bow Pin

Have I spotted a new trend, I think soooo! Click to see more from Ferociter.

Interview w/Hala Vintage @ She Breathes

I recently did an interview for She Breathes with Hala Vintage in Jersey City. You can view the full interview here, and if you get a chance please visit Hala’s Vintage!

THINGS I LUV: Bimba Y Lola

I’ve always had somewhat of a distant love affair with Spain. I think it stems from my mothers stories of living abroad in Madrid and falling in love with my father. What I enjoy most about Spanish line Bimba y Lola, simple and refined. Its refreshing to see such a drastic contrast to what we’ve seen on the runways for S/S here in the US. Really relaxed pieces not exaggerated at all. There’s so much to choose from, everything is wearable and can be reworked to fit diffferent indivdual styles. Aside from a ready-to-wear line Bimba y Lola offers shoes,accessories and bags as well. Classic styles with a modern twist. The line is currently only avail. in Europe and Asia, hopefully they’ll expand to the US. Be sure to check out the lookbook while your visiting!

THINGS I LUV: Fashion Can

Valerie Dumaine,Mia Melon and Elroy Apparel are just a few Indie Canadian labels that you will discover via Fashion Can. Fashion Can is an online retail development firm that basically alleviates the headache of setting up and maintaining and e-commerce site for indie designers. I believe currently their services are solely available to designers in Canada, but hopefully they will expand and include the US and possibly other countries in the near future. This is a great concept that I am sure a lot of Indie Designers would take advantage of. Either way wherever you are in the world you can still indulge and view the HAUTE indie designers that are housed at Fashion Can!


I realized today that I’ve neglected the SPOTLIGHT feature. Decided to re-up with one of my fav blogs these days, Tam + Sam. Based in Canada, the first thing that drew me in was the simple design aesthetic. The classic logo style, the attention to detail, its refreshing everyday! The blogosphere is becoming extremely difficult to locate well-rounded,non-redundant, information. So when I find this comfort in a blog/site I feel its my duty to pass it along, share the wealth. Fashion, music, art, events any art/design lovers haven. So take a moment and visit Tam + Sam, I’ll warn you now content is highly addictive!

SALE: Free Shipping @ A Peace Treaty

Our favorite spring scarf is here now: BARUTI

Shipping and Handling free from April 14-April 20th (for all US customers)!

FINALLY GOT IT: Wejetset City Notes

Yes, I’ve been anxiously awaiting my copy of Wejetset’s City Notes and it finally arrived the other day! I discovered Wejetset while reading one of my fave daily blogs. I would always see the catchy ad in the sidebar and one day I just clicked on it. So glad I did, Wejetset was created by Taj Reid described as “a full service lifestyle brand dedicated to serving the modern traveler with store, blog and magazine. WEJETSET is for the modern traveler who understands that every trip is a journey, whether it is around the world or around the corner.” As an avid lover of culture,travel and shopping I think Wejetset fills a Niche that has yet to be tapped into. Was also presently surprised to see Ms. Jessica Gueco’s Travel Chronicles on their blog this morning. Remember we featured her in our GRINDING feature not too long ago! So make sure to visit the site and take a trip or two, or three to a vast number of places around the globe courtesy of Wejetset! Oh and don’t forget there is a shopping section offering dope traveling goods from alot of indie and emerging brands. Look out for an upcoming GRINDING feature with Wejetset founder Taj Reid!!!

SALE: 80%20 Sale @ HauteLook

You know its all about Indie here at Nuvany Ni’ce, nothing beats a sale right about now! 80%20 will be having a private online sale via starting Thursday May 7th. HauteLook is yet another invite only sale, if your not a member and are interested in checking out the 80%20 sale drop me an email at and I’ll hook it up :)!

THINGS I LUV: Raasta via Beklina

Visit Beklina to view more from Madrid based line Raasta or to cop some HAUTNESS!

THINGS I LUV: Vintage Sequin Dress

Sickness right, I truly felt that I had come down with an illness when I saw this dress. I wanted to faint :)! HAUTENESS, for sure but I can’t divulge just yet wheres its from. I need to buy it first before you do, but don’t worry in the very near future I will put you on to one of the dopest vintage spots I know. Soon come, soon come just wait!