A PEACE TREATY S/S 09: Kilim Gossypium Niani

A Peace Treaty consistently delivers fresh goods, S/S 09 is no exception. Adding silk scarves to their repertoire only upgrades this brand in my book! So here’s the breakdown, this season is comprised of three collections inspired by Central Asian carpet weaving, hence Kilim Gossypium Niani.Kilim-“Each scarf takes up to eight hours to craft. Motifs are first carved on woodblocks and then used to layer dyes onto fabrics.” Gossypium-” handspun and hand-loomed sheer khaadi-silk scarves are true boho originals. Dip-dyed by hand, each piece takes on the entire color wheel and reinterprets tone and blend.” Niani-“A PEACE TREATY‚Äôs ode to the Boyfriend Jean. Extended wear of this denim-influenced line makes these hand-loomed plaid and woven striped designs more and more comfortable.”Click to indulge in the full collection!

SALE: Manimal Studio Saleeee!!!

Yes, yes ya’ll, don’t we luv a sale!!! Manimal creator Kristen Lombardi is moving and needs your help ridding her studio of some fresh inventory. Yep, you can snag new/gently worn handmade moccasins at killer prices. And just because she’s cool like that, she’s throwing in FREE SHIPPING. What more can you ask for ;)! Hurry before everything’s gone and be sure to check back next week as she’ll be adding denim! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS