THINGS I LUV: Balmain Knee Padded Jeans

I’m psycho about finding things…Like I’ll call or email pr companies trying to locate pieces I’ve seen in ads…Yes I know, but it will bother me for ever if I don’t succeed in my hunt…So I saw this recent keds ad in a mag I bought the other day, the jeans totally drown the shoes…I didn’t even notice the bright red shoes, I had to have those jeans… Or I thought I did until I found them online and converted the price into dollars eh, eh, eh,…Not anytime soon, probably never but a girl can be in denial right? So the jeans are by Balmain and they cost $1549.17, why the .17 is beyond me…But I’m sure the FREE SHIPPING will seal the deal right! What is killing me softly you ask, the ankle zippers, the slits on the sides of each ankle ahhh, everything about this jean is all right!!! Yeah so my lil gimp concoction does the jeans no justice at all, but you can peep a 360 degree photo of these babies here and here…Holler if you cop them 😉