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Boys+Clothes what more does a girl need? Well 8 ambitious nyc fashionistas have come together to bring you just that! Boys+Clothes Magazine is a new online and print publication. In a mere five weeks, the ladies LITERALLY weathered the storm to produce their first issue: The Good Guys Edition. I caught up with the ladies to get a better look into the process of their journey thus far.

NN- Boys+Clothes Magazine is an evolvement of the popular blog NY Style Diary. Can you take us back and tell us how everything started and what the new mag is all about?

BC: Teneille– We’re still the same NYC fashionistas our loyal followers had come to know and love but, we’ve learned and grown so much since our earlier blogging days that we wanted to try a new medium of expression. We’ve become much stronger and wiser as women and so have our readers. So the evolution into Boys+Clothes is a shared energy amongst us women who are unapologetic, driven and confident. We’re not afraid to say what’s on our minds, wear what we want and go after who we want when we want him.

NN-Who are the ladies behind B+C and what role do each of you play?

BC- Teneille- As the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief my job is never done. I have to play an integral role in every aspect of the magazine and its development as well as structuring and laying out each issue and keeping the business of the magazine in order. Shaina who is also one of the founders acts as Editor-At-Large. She’s my right hand man in the structuring of each issue and making sure all content is in accordance to the theme of the issue. She’s on pretty much every call with me and silently calling a lot of the shots. Patrice our Fashion Director and Keisha our Fashion Editor are our two fierce fashionistas. They’re pulling clothes for the cover artist, spreads and molding the theme into cutting edge fashion editorials and trend reports. Cee is the eye of the team. She’s not just a photographer she builds the visual aesthetic of the magazine. She tells the theme of the issue in her dynamic pictorials. Sofia, Shana and Camillia who is also one of the founders are the “Murda Mami’s” of the group. Sofia is the Advertising and Business Development Director so she pretty much grinds hard to pull the right ads for the magazine while creating beneficial relationships with potential sponsors and advertisers. She has no fears and doesn’t take no for an answer. Shana is the PR and Brand Director, so when you start seeing B+C all over the place, Shana did it! She’s all about cultivating the brand identity of B+C. Keeping the brand name and the faces behind it at the right places and getting noticed by the right people. Camillia is our Marketing Director. She’s all about research and linking data. She has the most analytical mind and just knows what makes sense and how to report it.

NN-You ladies came together to drop the debut issue: The Good Guys Edition in an astonishing 5 weeks. How did that play out?

BC-It was insane! We learned a lot and definitely made a few mistakes. But, it all made us stronger. We know what to do next time and of course what to never do again. But, we did it and we all couldn’t be more proud. So many people talk about what they want to do and are going to do and when they face a slight adversity they quit. We kept striving.

NN-The current struggling economy is having an effect on virtually every industry. Various print magazines are folding or opting to operate solely online. Were you ever apprehensive about doing both, print and web?

BC- As the publisher initially my job was to weigh all the odds in a realistic light. The economy is indeed struggling so we knew we would have to execute this magazine in a way that was cost effective and innovative. We worked it out to secure just enough sponsorship and ad placement to print a small amount of copies for our events here in NYC. We wouldn’t need to print hundreds of thousands of copies that could possibly go to waste or send us to the poor house by having readers order copies directly from an online single issue distributor or just download the full issue using http://www.issuu.com and printing it from home. By finding the most resourceful methods for our budget and goals we were able to retain the excitement of creating a magazine.

NN- Alot of the content and people featured are independent up n coming artists, entrepreneurs etc. Will you continue to keep this same independent/underground theme with future issues?

BC-We actually just go with who we like. Ourselves and our readers are the most versatile and organic kind of chicks around. Our tastes in music and fashion is authentic because we stay true to ourselves. And its our mission to support and celebrate all artists and entrepreneurs who represent those same ideals.

NN- Now we know as women we can get catty and downright grimy at times with each other, friend or not. Of course none of that here, huh 🙂 How do you gals keep it together to get the job done?

BC-We all have different roles and responsibilities yet, the lines of communication are always open. We have a common goal of being successful in our respective fields so we all want B+C to be the best it can be because it’s a reflection of all of us.

NN-What do you want your readers to take away from the whole B+C movement, because I know its more than just a magazine?

BC-There are other women out there like you! There are women out there who talk a lot of trash and aren’t afraid to push the envelope.

NN-How often will new issues drop and how does one subscribe/view the current Boys+Clothes: Good Guys Edition?

BC-This year we’re dropping three magazines with our next issue being a double issue. Currently you can view the issue on www.issuu.com or hit up boysandclothes@gmail.com to get a digital dvd of the magazine. For the next issue you’ll be able to order it through www.magcloud.com or also view it on www.issuu.com.

NN-Any words of wisdom to anyone contemplating embarking on a similar mission?

BC-Don’t give up! It’s not an easy task but, it’s all worth it!

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