How To Wear…HELP???

So I recently bought 2 dresses and a skirt, which is like a divine intervention for me! I’ve just never been a dress/skirt kinda gal, but I’m getting old and I’m trying to change it up a bit at least every now and then. Excuse the pics., I know they’re blurry but if you click on it to enlarge you can see them a little better. The first one is from old navy($20), when I went to try it on I picked up an xxs and a small…Of course neither fit correctly I needed an extra small and they had none…I was so in love with the way the dressed looked and fit, I called another location in my area and they had one left in xs…Ran to the store tried it on, PERFECT…It has two front pockets, its like thick jersey material a little pleating in the front…This one is my fav!

The second skirt is from my fav local vintage shop Hello Again Vintage($14-$18 cant remember exactly), I wrote about them a while back…This shop is a hidden treasure always stocked to the brim with ridiculous one-of-a-kind finds…I’ve had my eye on this skirt for a while, but sometimes I’m in denial about how small I am and think things appear larger than they are without trying on…I finally tried it on and it fit like a glove, literally…The bright red/orange color, the high waist, the tribal pattern HOTT…I’m still playing around with different ways to wear it…

The last one is from target($14)my least fav but I’m sure I can work it out some way…Tiered ruffles down the front, contrasting lace inset underneath, ruffled collar. Yeah so my reason for writing this post is basically to get some suggestions on how to rock these dresses…Oh sorry about the bare legs, I was too lazy to put on tights at the moment…My 7 yr. old daughter took the pics. and homegirl was wearing me out, I just wanted it to be over already ha ha! Yeah so what do you think suggest away, thanks!

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