Nuvany Ni’ce x 2:14 Giveaway

Mmmm ya’ll thought the giveaways were a done deal huh? Well they are back and Ms. Brittany from 2:14 is hooking this one up nicely! Up for grabs are 2 pair of earrings which means that we’ll spread the luv and pick two winners…Did you vote for OBAMA, you better had excuse my grammar…Hopefully you did and if your one of the lucky winners of this giveaway you’ll be able to show the world with a fierce pair of OBAMA portrait earrings…And I don’t know about you, but I am proud to be an AMERICAN right about now…the final pair in the giveaway…So now what to do to win you ask- simplicity…drop an email with the Subj: 2:14 ENTRY to…That’s it, remember as always all intl. entries are responsible for shipping fees if you win…Contest starts today and ends Dec.1, good luck

P.S. I just received the earrings in the mail this week and they are huge!

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