THINGS I LUV: My New Kicks

So I went out last Saturday hoping to find some flat brown boots, and I bought these instead…Gravis Vikings by Arto Saari, I know totally random..I’m not even sure how this all works out, my inner tomboy took over!…I saw them and I thought they were dope, purple and black laces..I opted for the black ones, less flashy…Mad cozy and warm and I think the colorway is simple and sweet…Gotta love a black shoe, next mission the brown boots!

2 Responses to “THINGS I LUV: My New Kicks”

  1. KrisH Says:

    That happens to me all the time – but those are some nice kicks.

  2. Donkey Says:

    These are Eighties-like, but a lot more tasteful. 🙂

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