SPOTLIGHT Q & A: Jack Threads

NN: Can you break down for us exactly what Jack Threads is and how it works?

JT:JackThreads is an online streetfashion community offering brand name sneakers, apparel, and accessories from well known and respected companies in the streetfashion industry. We operate in 24 hour invite only sales where we feature one brand. Prices are for our members only, so that’s where the advantage lies!

NN: When did the site launch and a who are the founder/s?

JT:Site launched in July of 2008, but it’s been in the works for over 2 years. The founder is a mid twenties male from Columbus, Oh. The team however is what made this all possible, and we’re an eclectic group of 18 to 35 year olds from Central Ohio.

NN: In the sea of streetwear brands that exist today, how do you determine what brands to carry at Jack Threads?

JT: We seek out the most sought after streetwear brands for JackThreads. These brands are found by our team through staying in touch with our customers, staying up with streetwear publications, pop culture, tradeshows, etc. We’ve got some great partners on board, and are truly excited at the opportunity!

NN: Womens streetwear is on the rise, I didn’t see anything for women on the site do you plan to add stuff for the ladies? If so can you drop a few names?

JT: Women’s streetfashion is on the rise, and we’ve got something for the ladies in the works! It’s a whole new concept which we’ll be in touch about shortly. Stay tuned!

NN: Any upcoming changes or news that customers can expect to see at Jack Threads?

JT: See question four. Also we’ve got a lot of new brands we’ll be launching on the site soon, new sales formats, etc. We don’t want to give anything away ahead of time, so again stay tuned to the site for updates!