THINGS I LUV: Ferociter

GRINDING: Yacira Valdez

1. Name/Alias:
Yacira, Yacque, s’aint yacque, cocolah, Yah

2.Where are you from/ Where do you currently live?:
Originally from Dominican Republic now I reside in lil DR, Inwood, aka Washington Heights

3. Where did/do you go to school and your major?:
Fashion Industries High School, Courses here and there FIT, New School, Art Institute, Parsons, SVA (Education should be free!!!)

4. What is your Grind?:
Aside from the freelance 9am till the job gets done, I…design jewelry and accessories, co-owner and restorer of YakBlak Vintage sunglasses, artist and fashion designer and more to come real, real soon……My pride and joy is my newly launched designers collective website along with the blog

5. How did you get into what you’re doing now?:
I’ve always loved fashion, but if i had it my way I’d be shopping couture, that’s real. I really got into design out of necessity….my money was real tight for many years so I learned how to thrift and make accessories and look cute on a dime. I love thrifting but I would rather shop at Barneys, Neimans, all day any day. sigh.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
As a kid I didn’t see myself in the future, that’s why everyday is exciting to me. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far and that I have empowered myself in a way that allows me to help others.

7. What are some contributing factors that shaped the life you live now?:
Growing up I lived with many different relatives, I was a floater. Never really had my own space, let alone clothes, everything I owned was borrowed or stolen after it was borrowed, still I managed to have my own style. By any means necessary. I don’t know anything else but the Grind.

8. Any specific people that mentored or helped guide you to your current path?:
The voice inside me that kept telling me not to give up. My son for giving me a reason to keep pushing.

9. What motivates you?:
My new found sense of self and the realization that I have the “it” that makes a person successful and unstoppable. Leaving a legacy, making my money old money that I can pass down to my grand kids and great grand kids.

10. Your favorite author and why?:
This is hard I cant choose one! Rumi for his complex simplicity. Neruda for seeing the beauty in everything. Octavia Butler for the genius of seeing the underside, inner side and over side of the universe.

11. What are 3 goals you want to achieve within the next year?:

Making one of the top underground fashion sites on the international circuit, big press, and making enough money so I can take a year off from the 9-5 so I can focus full fledged on my businesses.

12. One person that continuously inspires you and why?:
I hate to say it but P. Diddy for his business sense, dedication and hustle. All the ridiculousness he does is making him a mogul. I’m not impressed with what he’s pushing but I learn a lot by the way he’s playing the game.

13. 3 Indie brands you LOVE to rock?:
S’aint Yacque, Yakblak and 21MC

14. What annoys you the most?:
Not having enough time to work on all my projects, not having enough money to pay someone to help.

15. Your best quality?: PASSION

SPOTLIGHT: I Don’t Like Mondays

A few weeks back, I got an e-mail about new online store launch- I Don’t Like Mondays…Started in a loft in NYC by Colin Talbot and Dean Rodgers and later joined by Rila Fukushima , I Don’t Like Mondays carries an eclectic blend of emerging indie designers from around the world. You can find favs like Brian Lichtenberg, Deer Dana and Ground Zero to name a few. I’m coveting The Courtney dress in tan by Anzevino and Florence! Now that you’ve got the 411 show some love and enter “IDLMXNUVANY” at checkout for 10% off your order!

New KEEP totes HOTTT!!!

SPOTLIGHT Q & A: Jack Threads

NN: Can you break down for us exactly what Jack Threads is and how it works?

JT:JackThreads is an online streetfashion community offering brand name sneakers, apparel, and accessories from well known and respected companies in the streetfashion industry. We operate in 24 hour invite only sales where we feature one brand. Prices are for our members only, so that’s where the advantage lies!

NN: When did the site launch and a who are the founder/s?

JT:Site launched in July of 2008, but it’s been in the works for over 2 years. The founder is a mid twenties male from Columbus, Oh. The team however is what made this all possible, and we’re an eclectic group of 18 to 35 year olds from Central Ohio.

NN: In the sea of streetwear brands that exist today, how do you determine what brands to carry at Jack Threads?

JT: We seek out the most sought after streetwear brands for JackThreads. These brands are found by our team through staying in touch with our customers, staying up with streetwear publications, pop culture, tradeshows, etc. We’ve got some great partners on board, and are truly excited at the opportunity!

NN: Womens streetwear is on the rise, I didn’t see anything for women on the site do you plan to add stuff for the ladies? If so can you drop a few names?

JT: Women’s streetfashion is on the rise, and we’ve got something for the ladies in the works! It’s a whole new concept which we’ll be in touch about shortly. Stay tuned!

NN: Any upcoming changes or news that customers can expect to see at Jack Threads?

JT: See question four. Also we’ve got a lot of new brands we’ll be launching on the site soon, new sales formats, etc. We don’t want to give anything away ahead of time, so again stay tuned to the site for updates!

THINGS I LUV: Vane Knuckle Ring

I’m totally diggin this knuckle ring by VANE, CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE FEATURE WE DID ON THIS DOPE BRAND! The Pewter with black powder coat finish is ridiculous and you have to love the description they have on the site, they def. have a way with words: In a city where nothing is promised but the present, it never hurts to be prepared for what tomorrow may bring. Brass Knuckles have long been a staple with street warfare, but true G’s don’t need all four fingers to do damage, we think 2 is just enough to get the point! Also comes in a solid brass option visit their site to cop and view their fall 08 capsule collection!


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