RE-VISIT: I Finally Wore the Dress!

Remember a while back I did a post about wearing dresses and how I wanted to try a little harder and at least wear a dress/skirt once a week…Well if not click here and catch yourself up…I’m def. not at one a week but I’ve done better, I don’t know why its so hard for me…I really have to make a more conscious effort, like posting stick-it notes on my computer and mirror to remember…Yes its that serious to me I’ll be 27 on Sept. 1(ahhhhh I’m getting old)and I’m determined to transition my style to be in sync with my age…I’m so over people telling me I look like I’m 15 and I think its partly because of the way I dress….But anyhoo nuff rambling, as you can see in the pic. above I wore my fav. lion dress and I think I looked hot! I met up with my fav. uncle in the city to celebrate his b-day…We went to the Met in the city and then to Miss Mamies Spoonbread Too in Harlem(best soul food ever)…WHAT oh my goshness I was a friggin hog, that food will literally make you smack somebody…People sleep on how much slim people can eat, I will eat you out of house and home with no shame literally, ask my hubby :)…It was good times indeed and it was great to see my uncle who was in town before going back to Japan…I actually have on a skirt today, so I get a few points ha ha…Man I will be driving back to jersey on Monday from my parents house in Georgia, say a prayer for me its my first time driving a long distance…I’ve have been slacking like mad on adding new things to the shop, It will be on and poppin when I get back home…Look out for a new indie designers wears that I’m adding to the shop and much more…Hope everyone is enjoying their summer its almost over so get it all in before the cold weather is back!

THINGS I LUV: Deadly Ponies


That’s right, I said it HAIR CHEMICALS ARE OF THE DEVIL…I have been going through it with my hair these past few months…And it all started when I decided to let a friend(won’t name any names) put a texturizer in my hair…Mind you the 26 yrs. that I’ve been on this earth I have never put any chemicals in my hair until now…So basically as we can see texturizer gone bad, yip one nice big almost bald spot on the top of my hair…I tried braiding my hair for a while and wearing it in a mohawk style, but I got tired….So I buzz buzz buzzed it right off, hopefully it will grow back to the healthy state it was in before I decided to put a rest to my curiosity of how my hair would look with looser curls. I don’t understand why women want to relax they’re hair, it takes all of the character and life out of it…I have learned my lesson and will NEVER allow my daughter to put chemicals in her hair under my watch!