Yes, yes these kicks are trash…your like wha, yeah I just made up a new slang to describe something that is so ridiculously ill-TRASH…I know its way far fetched but lets see if it catches on ha ha….I borrowed this pic. from EC’s(Epidemik Coalition) site, be sure to bookmark or add them to your google reader DOPENESS ALL DAY! Also you should check out the new project they’ve got goin, here are the details:

We’ve designated a wall at our new studio to display images sent in by anonymous users. We’re projecting the image at a larger-than-life size above Ross’ desk.

Create live, user-defined, digital graffiti on our studio wall:
1) email a JPG to 799priegaizb@tumblr.com
2) visit http://thewall.tumblr.com to see what we see in our studio (updates every 30 seconds)

Send in images 24/7! You can also see what everyone else has been sending in by checking out the Archive Page. Submissions are completely anonymous but if you want us to know who you are, put your name in the SUBJECT line of your email. Have fun!

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