That’s right, I said it HAIR CHEMICALS ARE OF THE DEVIL…I have been going through it with my hair these past few months…And it all started when I decided to let a friend(won’t name any names) put a texturizer in my hair…Mind you the 26 yrs. that I’ve been on this earth I have never put any chemicals in my hair until now…So basically as we can see texturizer gone bad, yip one nice big almost bald spot on the top of my hair…I tried braiding my hair for a while and wearing it in a mohawk style, but I got tired….So I buzz buzz buzzed it right off, hopefully it will grow back to the healthy state it was in before I decided to put a rest to my curiosity of how my hair would look with looser curls. I don’t understand why women want to relax they’re hair, it takes all of the character and life out of it…I have learned my lesson and will NEVER allow my daughter to put chemicals in her hair under my watch!


  1. marie Says:

    Oh wow!!! hun I could have told u that,I had a full on perm for like 10 yrs than used a home remedy of washing my hair with beer! I still had to get a haircut but then gave in to the caribean”pressure”at least the one I’m from to be proper and texturize sure enough bald spots!
    had to then shave it off …so yeah I agree no Chems!!!!

  2. Khia_Rocks Says:

    I love the hair girl. Cute cut. rock it out! Yeaah. I just put a perm in after 8 years, in november…we’ll see. This may be my last go round. I forgot how much it burns!

  3. Shop Ikeyia Says:

    It looks great! You wear it well!

  4. Ana Tereza Says:

    I think the problem is that when ppl try to change, do something new with the hair, don’t look for a good professional. I’ve been relaxing my hair for 13 years now, and never had a problem with it. Tried not to perm it, but my natural hair is too much work for me. And if your daughter want to perm her hair, i think you should just try to make her love her hair the way it is, and if she still feels like doing it, take her to a good, responsible, professional.

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