I’m forever adding a new section/feature to the site right, ha ha…I just have a spazzmatic brain with an abundance of ideas, so why not share! Well we don’t have to officially classify this as a new feature, it’ll just happen when I feel its right…Like today, I haven’t checked Ms. Nina’s site in a while and was reminded of how dope she is as I re-landed on it today…She’s super-woman/mom, always nurturing, and balanced…Two things I’m working on in my own personal life, sometimes folks think that because your life is a certain way that you automatically adapt and do the things needed…But i’ve found or at least in my life, some things aren’t natural and you have to make the CHOICE to learn them. I’m always encouraged and motivated when I read her blog entries, shes a strong lady and such a GREAT MOM and WOMAN…Its crazy because I truly used to think that I could not do me and be a mom/wife at the same time…But as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned how detrimental it is to not have that IMPORTANT BALANCE…It can be difficult at first but its possible, and that’s what I’ve learned from Nina…Her life isn’t peaches and creams but she seems to always stay positive and consistent which is vital as a MOM/INDIVIDUAL…Anyhoo nuff sobby sobby, check out her blog…She sews too hence the name “NEO SEW MAMA” and shes always got great recipes!