Do you like to cook? Hmmm I DON’T AT ALL, but with 4 small children and a husband that’s a vegetarian, I have no choice…I know that probably sounds so dreadful right, well that’s how I feel about cooking for the most part…But I have to self-talk and say to myself, “sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want because its the right thing to do”…One of my friends from church just dropped off a vegetarian cook book for me to try, can we say motivating(mumbling to myself no)…But I’m going to give it a try Sarah, I promise ;)! I recently came across Bryant Terry’s cookbook Grub: Ideas for an Urban Kitchen…The reviews on amazon are excellent for the most part, so I think I’m going to cop it…I’ll let you know how my attempts at making these recipes turn out! Click on the links above and check out Bryant’s blog for some yummy recipes…The pics. make you wanna lick the screen!


I’m so feeling Spaniard Eduard Ballester’s Spring/Summer 08′ line…Relaxed and full of color..And i’m diggin the low cut jackets and blazers, very creative…Designers abroad have such a different vibe than American designers…I think international fashion is more adventurous and daring, especially in menswear…When asked about his future plans in a previous interview earlier this year, Ballester replied “I’m beginning to look a little more towards the American market, although I see it as a completely different world.”