Fashion can be so vane at times, so its refreshing to come across people within the industry that use their position to bring awareness to great causes…I’ve been a fan of the Triko line for a few years now(thanks to their sizzlin models;), but never took the time to find out what they’re all about…Somehow, someway I landed on their blog the other day and thought to myself, this is not their site let me retype the addy..But to my surprise the same page appeared again…Usually the first thing I do when I visit a site is look at their links section, here’s what you’ll find in Triko’s links-Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council and Solar 1…Each of these sites deal with preserving and sustaining our earth!

I have alot of admiration for Triko Founder/Creative Director Hector Estrada, he has chosen to use his influence toward consumers through his clothing line in a POSITIVE way! He could have decided to prioritize making money over ethics…What if more designers decided to copy THIS IDEA, wouldn’t be so bad eh? Triko incorporates natural materials such as tagua,coconut shells and organic cotton into their line…Although their line is not completely green, its their ultimate goal to be!