GRINDING: Brian "DEKA" Paupaw

1. Name/Alias:
Brian Paupaw / Deka

2.Where are you from/ Where do you currently live?:
Brooklyn NYC / Bed Stuy

3. Where did/do you go to school and your major?:
Parsons school of design. Communication design major

4. What is your Grind?:
I’m a broadcast designer. I create animated spots and promos for television and film. Using adobe after effects and cinema4D for 3D animation. My documentary “Hoods to Woods” is about how snowboarding had a impact on my life being from the inner city. My travels, friendships, accomplishments and the movement to get people of color into more outdoor activities, not just with snowboarding.

5. How did you get into what your doing now?:
A good buddy of mine, Mike dhundee does music for television. One night I was at his studio watching him lay down tracks to a animated spot done with after effects and I remembered how I wanted to learn After Effects when I was in Parsons but the damn class was always full, and my last name starts with a “P” and registration was in alphabetical order! So I always had last pick of what I wanted to learn. So since I couldn’t get into a class, I told myself when the time was right I would teach myself! So after leaving mikes crib, I was set on learning After effects. Went down to a book store and picked up a book for 60 bucks and taught myself.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
I wanted to be a architect and a fighter pilot for the Navy.

7. What are some contributing factors that shaped the life you live now?:
College, snowboarding, surfing and being a role model to young people.

8. Any specific people that mentored or helped guide you to your current path?:
My good friend Charlie No at Alien kung Fu studios, Mike dhundee.

9. What motivates you?:
Being able to Snowboard and Surf as much as my career and hustle allows me to.

10. Your favorite author and why?:
Ralph Ellison, was a painter with his words and could make you paint a image of whatever he wrote.

11. What are 3 goals you want to achieve within the next year?:
Finish my snowboard documentary, be a better snowboarder, be a better Broadcast designer

12. One person that continuously inspires you and why?:
Matthew Henson, he was the first African American to the North Pole in 1909. He was never recognized for his achievements because he worked underneath another explorer and because of the color of his skin. He was never recognized by the government until 30 years later. This brother inspires me because he did something that people would believe is not possible. I feel as if I’m following his lead with my love for the mountains and nature through snowboarding and mountaineering.

13. 3 Indie brands you LOVE to rock?:
I’m not into brands any more. I haven’t bought clothing in a long time. All my money goes to student loans and snowboarding.

14. What annoys you the most?:
Hipsters that aren’t even hip, just following the herd!

15. Your best quality?: My best quality is my understanding of respect. I treat EVERYONE equal. I’m from the street and blessed to deal with the academic and industry life. you don’t have to be a a well known whatever to get props from me. Just being human is good enough.

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