GRINDING: Cee (The Photographer)

1. Name/Alias:
Cee (The Photographer)

2.Where are you from/ Where do you currently live?:
Queens Ny, baby!

3. Where did/do you go to school and your major?:
To be honest, my schooling came from real life endeavors. Majoring in street smarts with the ability to flip the script on a professional and business note, and how to make the best out of this confusion(life), but without the confusion tho. Sorry,but I wont be sucked into the misconception of this world we live in.

4. What is your Grind?:
Photographer,Kicksclusive Magazine,Writers Block(Photographer), and Freelancer.I also do events randomly, like “ILL Party Wednesdays” “In The Mood” and other events that seek young,hip photographers.

5. How did you get into what your doing now?:
Ive been shooting for a while now, but recently decided to go forward with the professional aspects of it. It all started with the disposable cameras. I wouldn’t dare waste an exposure if thru my lens didn’t look correct. And here i am!

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
As a child, I was soo animated and wanted to be something different everyday. For instance, if I discovered a new dance move, i wanted to be a choreographer/dancer of some sort. Or if I learned how to cook something, now i wanted to be a chef.
I see it like this,as long as i walk this earth, theres gotta be more than just this. So i get my hands on every and anything, and deliver it.

7. What are some contributing factors that shaped the life you live now?:
The harsh reality that still, society has an issue with the success of people of color, and while discrimination still holds its title at the gate, theres no other way around it except to make my mark, handle my part as a young black female, and create that path for our growing youth, who are unbeknownst to the world they have yet to enter.

8. Any specific people that mentored or helped guide you to your current path?:
God Almighty. That force is empowering. It makes me a warrior everyday. My armor is my knowledge and it has created me in every way.

9. What motivates you?:
The unknown motivates me. In a sense that I oughta educate myself on everything it seems like. Therefore, I’ll never be in the dark, or in a room with the presence of a stranger.

10. Your favorite author and why?:
My favorite author is reality. Because it never lies. Non-Fiction

11. What are 3 goals you want to achieve within the next year?:
1.Getting my mind 100 percent right. Right now its at about 77 percent. I have 23 percent to go!

2. Getting more involved/active (general statement)

3. Making it through the year all together, as well as productively

12. One person that continuously inspires you and why?:
My parents. They grind soo hard. They allow me to see the fruits of their labor, and what “putting in that work” really means, and what it takes to become something out of nothing. That means alot to me.

13. 3 Indie brands you LOVE to rock?:
Cooyah Designs (cultured),LUX, Kimchi & Blue

14. What annoys you the most?:
Elitists (on that note, how about im better then them!)

15. Your best quality?:
Personality (id be a shmuck without it, lol)