Nuvany Ni’ce x Rojas Giveaway WINNER

My Bad for the long wait…the winner is Amber from D.C. yes, yes, please send us some pics. of you rockin your new ROJAS dress! And don’t forget to show the ROJAS fam some luv by visiting their site and copping a few pieces…Lookout for the next giveaway another exclusiveeee!

This one has been a long time coming it seems, or I’ve just been excited to reveal =)…Alejandra from Rojas hooked this one up, if you haven’t checked the Fresh n Fierce feature on Freddie Rojas and co-designer Alejandra Hernandez click here! This Gold Bow Cloud dress is ill, whoever wins better WERK IT OUT! Currently being sold on and revolve clothing for $145!!! The dress in the above metal I believe and the dress up for grabs is identical just gold in color…Nice bubble hem, the ultimate POCKETS, open criss-cross back, and the krazy bow to top it off SIZE MEDIUM!

Here’s how this lovely piece can be yours…E-mail me the name/link of two non-profit organizations that are innovative, small, or not well-known and a short description about the work they do! Simple send it to one entry per person(intl. entries must agree to pay shipping costs if winner)…I will announce a winner on May 30, 2008 hopefully by noon, but you know how I do ;)…Thanks to the Rojas Fam for sponsoring this giveaway check their myspace page to see their stock list, they’re worlwide!!!

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