Megan Huntz Dresses x Process Clothing T’s, U GOT ONE?


Your probably looking at the pics. above asking yourself WHA,WHAT IS DIS?? Its sooo nice when people show me luv in return in the form of free gear =)! I was surprised to open my mailbox last week to find a package from Epidemik Coalition(remember I featured them HERE not too long ago)…I’m like what could this be,hmmmmm…So I tore that joker open like a lil kid at Christmas, and all these goodies fell out…I’m like awwww they are truly dope, I think I shed a tear SIKE! No but seriously Larry Luk sent me a limited edition Megan Hunts Dresses x Process Clothing Tee(EC’S new line that will fully drop in 09,LOOKOUT) along with some snazzy stickers and pins…Okay and let me tell you, because lately I’ve been having this qualm with good feeling,fitting,cost and quality tees…This tee fit me like a glove which I like, because I am a member of the itty bitty committee and I find it hard to find tees that fit me well…So scurry on over to EC’s website and swiftly snatch up one before they are out, and don’t worry they are not killing you softly with the price either…How about its only $26, can we say affordable! Thanks to Larry and his crew in the A, I really appreciate it.

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