HEYYYYY, how are ya?(awkward silence)….of course your still here, you haven’t abandoned me yet right? My apologies ONCE AGAIN, for the lack of posts, new features etc…My life is always hectic and busy, and it finally caught up with me! I’m recovering from a yucky throat infection,all of my kids being sick, losing my cell phone charger(I NEVER LOSE IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THAT), having a sucky mothers’day yeah MY LIFE! But before the drama, I did go on a trip with my hubby to va/dc which was great! Went shopping to H&M in woodbridge and bought this fabulous number up top, yeah I know people will gawk at least here in unstylish-ville where I stay…But WHATEVER, the tiger was calling my name asking me to take him home
I couldn’t resist($16.50)…And it was the last one and my size go figure, we were destined to be together =)…So I will confess, I have not stuck to my promise of wearing at least one dress/skirt a week…my excuse the weather its still sketchy and I don’t have lots so i’m in the process of buying…I’ll post the other one later, my brain is currently bleeding from photoshop…It takes me so looong to do these concoctions and they never turn out how I initially plan, but its all good(SAY SOMETHING)…How’s your life, whats new with you? School’s out soooon ahhhhhhh, I’m trying to ship the kids to the folks for some time this summer…They need a change of scenery,fresh clean air, and rolling hills of green grass and trees-RIGHT MA(YELLING)…so we’ll see how that works out…I have dreams of going to brazil like I have for the past what 7 yrs., right Ana funny joke NEVER SAY NEVER! Yeah so i’m basically back, I have a great giveaway that is way past due from ROJAS a beautiful dress worth $145…Big ups to Alejandra for that one, look out for it and thanks for continuing to support this thing I call Nuvany Ni’ce…See ya around!